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Skyrocketing Your Web3 Brand: A Step-by-Step Guide from Zero to 3.5k

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Gleb Specter
10 min
Hello, dear cryptopreneurs! Welcome back to our Cryptorsy Blog, the ultimate go-to magazine for all things crypto marketing in the vast Web3 universe.

How It All Began: Forging the Partnership

The entire endeavor, excluding the preparatory phase, took a mere 3 weeks.

And when it comes to our budget, well, it was practically nonexistent. That meant we had to be extremely diligent in selecting our advertising sources. But guess what? Despite all odds, we managed to attract a fully-packed Whitelist for a mere $1! It's absolutely mind-blowing, isn't it?
Planet Memes Project approached us in the early stages of their development, seeking our services. At that time, they had no established community, no regular content posting, no Whitelist system and a super tight budget to be prepared well for the upcoming Seed Round.

Just take a look at their social media following:
  • Discord: 6 members
  • Twitter: 260 followers
Cryptorsy Collaborations
What truly grabs your attention and holds immense significance in this case is the incredible limitation of our resources.
Overall, the exceptional growth across Twitter, Discord, and the success of Whitelist registrations, as well as fruitful collaborations, demonstrate our ability to deliver outstanding results.
This comprehensive approach allowed us to accomplish a myriad of tasks during our one-month collaboration, leading to incredible results and surpassing our top KPIs with ease.
In our latest article, we delve into an intriguing case study featuring the fascinating P2E project, Planet Memes. Join us as we analyze the challenges we faced, our approach to tackling them, and the remarkable results we achieved. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an exciting ride.
It's worth mentioning that our collaboration was based on our bronze package, our exclusive Community Blast offer. This groundbreaking offer in the Web3 space guarantees a fixed number of audience members for your project's community. Our key success metrics were set as follows:
  • 1,000 new community members
  • 100-350 Whitelist registrations

But at Cryptorsy, we always go above and beyond, working towards tangible results rather than just "nice" numbers. That's why our collaboration with Planet Memes extended beyond just community management.

The true objectives of the Planet Memes project were:
  • Attracting investors to successfully close the seed round;
  • Building an engaged community to ensure a sold-out Genesis NFT Sale;
  • Reaching the significant milestone of 0 to 1,000 community members and making a name for itself in the NFT space.

Our Approach: A Comprehensive Strategy

Cryptorsy takes a holistic approach to projects, supporting teams every step of the way. We engage in regular discussions, covering various aspects such as:

  • Providing feedback to improve the website;

  • Assisting with technical documentation enhancements;

  • Facilitating fundraising by introducing the project to our network of investors, including angel investors and various funds;

  • Collaborating on the strategic vision and product roadmap;

  • Incentive program building;

  • AMA sessions providing;

  • Social Media Management and Community management;

  • Traffic system launch.
What We Accomplished:

completely revamped and customized their social media presence

Content-plan was developed and consistently going on across three platforms

Created and structured Whitelist system for the Genesis NFT collection

Long-term events created to engage and incentivize the community

  • Twitter (avatar, header, description);
  • Discord (server architecture, role and permission setup, automation bot implementation);
  • Telegram (community group creation, attracting 260+ participants).
  • 44 Twitter posts;
  • 28 Discord announcements;
  • 24 Telegram announcements.
  • Formed a team of collaboration managers;
  • Prepared promotional materials (articles, banners, publications);
  • Activated the community in Alphabot and Subber;
  • Conducted over 200 cross-collaborations with other Web3 communities.
  • Opened a space on Galxe and customized campaigns.
  • Created a community on Zealy and set up quests.
Planet Memes twitter
Planet Memes and NFTocean giveaway
Planet Memes cosmic adventure
Exclusive PFP NFTS
Planet Memes events
Community on Zealy
Partnership Announcements
Buy and Burn event

forged five partnerships with marketplaces and other game projects

organized two AMA sessions

Web3 catalysts Ama session
Planet Memes ama session
Results: Exceeding Expectations
Through our meticulous planning and diligent execution, the results we achieved for the Planet Memes Project surpassed all expectations. Let's take a closer look at the impressive outcomes across different platforms.
Our collaboration with Planet Memes Project has been a resounding success. Through our comprehensive approach, strategic planning, and relentless dedication have paved the way for the Planet Memes Project to make a significant impact in the NFT space.

From transforming their social media presence to establishing a structured Whitelist system, organizing engaging events, and forming valuable partnerships, we left no stone unturned in propelling Planet Memes towards its goals. The growth of their Twitter followers, Discord community, and Whitelist registrations far exceeded the initial targets we set.
  • 400 Whitelist registrations
  • 165 Alphabot collaborations
  • 35 Subber collaborations
  • Members: 1949 (+1943)
  • Average Retention Rate: 55%
  • Followers: 1792 (+1532)
  • Average Engagement Rate: 15%
  • 321 replies
Discord membership
Twitter metrics
Other twitter metrics
Jun 2023 Summary
May 2023 summary
Twitter became a powerful tool for expanding Planet Memes' reach and engagement. We witnessed a substantial growth in their follower count, with an increase of 1532 followers. This boosted their online presence and expanded their potential audience. The average engagement rate of 15% signifies a highly involved and active community. Additionally, the project garnered 1.4K retweets, indicating significant interest and amplification of their content. The 321 replies and 2.3K likes further demonstrate the enthusiasm and support from their Twitter audience.

The key to our content strategy's triumph lay in the meticulous segmentation of content and the focused approach we adopted for each aspect:

  1. We curated content directly tied to games and the entire ecosystem.

2. We delved into the inner workings of our team, providing an inside look into our processes.

3. Interactive content took center stage, featuring enticing contests, engaging polls, captivating quizzes, and more.

This amalgamation of strategies resulted in an exponential surge of interest in the project. The Web3 community, known for its affinity towards such content, was captivated, and everyone discovered something valuable within it.
Metrics for the 8-week period
Discord, a crucial platform for community building, witnessed extraordinary growth under our management. The number of Discord members skyrocketed, with an astounding increase of 1943 individuals. This surge in community participation showcases the successful cultivation of an engaged and vibrant community around the Planet Memes Project. Furthermore, the average retention rate of 55% underscores the project's ability to retain and captivate its community members.

In the screenshots you have an opportunity to see how active the community was and how it was involved in communication.
Active discord community #1
Active discord community #2
Whitelist registrations
The Whitelist registrations, a vital aspect for the project's success, exceeded expectations. With 400 Whitelist registrations, Planet Memes solidified its position by attracting a significant number of potential investors and supporters. This accomplishment serves as a testament to the project's appeal and Cryptorsy's effective promotional strategies.
Moreover, our collaboration with Alphabot and Subber resulted in 165 collaborations and 35 collaborations, respectively. These partnerships allowed for cross-promotion and engagement with other Web3 communities, expanding the project's reach and visibility.
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The cost of using a crypto digital marketing company will vary depending on the size and scope of your campaign. However, we believe that our prices are very competitive and offer excellent value for money. If you would like a more accurate quote, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a customized proposal to fit your budget.
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From what and how exactly we can start a collaboration?
Sure thing, we start with a briefing and underlining your goals, to make it our main focus in the work progress, then we’ll give you a couple of gifts (secret), connect your personal marketing manager to your project and launch campaigns. Just beep us on telegram @cryptorsy_io_bot , email us at, leave your request here or book a call on our website. We have a principal position: what starts perfectly, will go on perfectly. So be sure, the process of work will be perfect in detail.
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