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Partnerships with web3 communities
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Promotion through Influencers, hyped events and affiliate communities, hyped events attracting a fresh audience & becoming viral
Onboarding into the project and claiming marketing plan to expand community.
Preparing the community to receive traffic so new users become addicted and stay with us for an ages.
Funnel optimizing with conducted report, that includes necessary metrics. Getting results done.
Suitable content for the community
KOLs acquisition
Access to the internal database of projects for partnerships and collaborations
Community management and activities
Various quests with rewards
Incentivizing funnel
Partnerships with the communities
Twitter spaces & AMA sessions
Meaningful events for the community
3 calls with highly qualified advisors
In-depth community analytics
New version or your project strengthened by a dedicated community
growth packages
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We guarantee that if the specified outcomes are not met, we will increase the general traffic inflow to ensure successful results and reach our goals!
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Latest cases study
There was a request to get an audience in the community, as the project was starting from scratch. And to gather up to 250 people for the Pre-Alpha version of the game on a limited budget. - P2e
We analysed the project, thought through a strategy for the event and audience engagement, and then moved on to launching the event and gathering an interested audience.

After our work, the project received +2,800 participants to its platforms and 544 participants to the whitelist and 350 of them gained access to the pre-alpha.
participants to its platforms
participants to the whitelist
Planet Memes
There was a task set to prepare the community within a short period of time and with a minimal budget before the investor meeting, with the aim of gathering the first 2,000 audience members.
After analyzing the project, we devised a participant grading system within Discord and implemented an incentivizing campaign within the community to enhance audience engagement. Additionally, we created viral content that contributed to the following cumulative figures:

Through two community launches, we acquired 1530 followers on Discord, and 1932 on Twitter, and achieved 1.4K retweets, 321 replies, and 2.3K likes.
followers in Twitter
members in Discord
The project reached out to the community and set a task to prepare the community within a short period of time and with a minimal budget before the investor meeting, aiming to gather the first 2,000 audience members.
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