Becoming a Web3 Rockstar


Gleb Specter
12 min
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In this RockStar edition, we bring you a comprehensive checklist of essential points that will empower you to propel your project forward, attract liquidity, drive token purchases, and forge stronger bonds with your community. Get ready to unleash the potential of your Web3 project and witness exponential growth like never before!
Marketing fundamentals
Content Distribution
Community management
Team management

Target persona identified

Content-Plan is prepared for at least 2 weeks in advance

Community Management is systematized, routine actions are executing

Guidelines for each task execution are made

Decomposed Marketing Spreadsheet with %ROI from campaigns is created

Marketing Budget is established for the next 3 months

Report Template is made

KPIs are clarified and the team is aware of them

blog is updated weekly

Lead Magnet is created (hook)

Tone Of Voice is shaped

Twitter Account is well shaped with 3+ Tweets/day

E-mail marketing is aligned

Airdrop is designed well and launched in a buzzy way

Every given Moment web3 project has a catchy: event, announcement, hook, offer, incentives

One Pager is made

website explains why it's for within 3 seconds

Video Marketing produces 1+ video a week

Engagement rate <12%

A video Teaser is created

Positioning is authentically and outlined

Brand presence in the metaverse is secured

Shilling is Consistently work

Brand platform is aligned

Discord server is properly settled

Incentive Campaigns are outlined

2 mins response time in the community

50+ Daily msgs in the community

White List is created to drive new users

WaitList is created for early birds

2 Events Per Week are launched

Free Outlets are used

referral program is launched

A Marketing Strategy for the next 6 months (at least) is created

brand Book is created with used coloristic, fonts, and style

The story of a Brand is defined

CMO & Head Of Marketing are established

Customer Journey is mapped thoroughly

Token Liquidity Gaining Strategy is Launched

DEX/CEX listings are confirmed

2 Collabs/month with Web3 Brands are outlined

Partnerships Amounts are systematically increasing

Main Traffic Sources (<7) are determined | Traffic system is launched

Organic lead/user generation is launched (35+ ways to do this)

Ambassadors are signed

Word Of Mouth & Evangelist campaign is launched

Collabs with the projects from the same chain & blockchain itself are established

Gamification is aligned

A list of needed contractors & Agencies is created

A Marketing Campaign of driving new community members & onboarded wallets is established

Let's break down each item from the CheckList!

Identify and define your target audience in detail. Understand their demographics, preferences, and behaviors to tailor your marketing efforts effectively.
Develop a content plan that outlines the topics, formats, and distribution channels for your content. Plan and create content at least two weeks in advance to maintain a consistent and engaging presence.
Establish streamlined processes for community management, including regular engagement, content creation, and moderation. Ensure routine actions are executed promptly to build a strong and active community around your project.
Create clear and concise guidelines for executing various marketing tasks. Ensure that team members have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and how to execute them efficiently.
Make a detailed marketing spreadsheet that keeps track of how much money you make from different marketing campaigns and activities. Look closely at the data to see which campaigns are working well and use that information to make smart choices for future marketing.
Establish a report template to track and analyze marketing metrics on a weekly basis. This allows you to monitor the performance of your marketing efforts, identify areas for improvement, and set new targets for the upcoming week.
Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align with your marketing objectives and communicate them clearly to the team. Regularly track and measure these metrics to evaluate the success of your marketing efforts.
Set a budget specifically allocated for marketing activities over the next three months. This allows you to plan and allocate resources effectively, ensuring that you have sufficient funds to execute your marketing strategies.
Regularly update your blog with fresh and valuable content to attract and engage your audience. Publish blog posts on a weekly basis to showcase your expertise and keep your audience informed about your project.
Develop a lead magnet, such as an e-book or exclusive content, that provides value to your target audience and entices them to share their contact information. This helps you build a qualified lead database for future marketing activities.
Define and shape the tone of voice for your brand's communication. Ensure consistency in your messaging and establish a distinct and recognizable brand voice that aligns with your project's values, target audience, and overall brand identity.
Shape and optimize your Twitter account for maximum impact. Share informative, engaging, and relevant content with a frequency of at least three tweets per day to maintain an active presence and grow your Twitter following.
Align your e-mail marketing strategy with your overall marketing goals. Develop targeted e-mail campaigns to nurture leads, provide updates to your community, share valuable content, and promote events or special offers.
Design and launch an airdrop campaign to distribute tokens or rewards to your target audience. Ensure that the airdrop is well-planned, engaging, and generates excitement within the community and beyond.
Strategically plan and execute captivating events, announcements, hooks, offers, and incentives to keep your community engaged and attract new users. Create moments that stand out and generate buzz around your project.
Create a concise and informative one-pager document that highlights the key aspects of your project, including its value proposition, unique features, and potential benefits. This document serves as a quick and compelling introduction to your project.
Improve your website's message and design to quickly and clearly explain what your project is about and why it's valuable. Make sure visitors can understand the project's benefits and relevance within the first three seconds of their visit.
Develop a consistent video marketing strategy that involves creating and releasing at least one video per week. Utilize videos to communicate key messages, provide updates, educate users, or showcase your project's features and benefits.
Aim to maintain an engagement rate of less than 12% across your marketing channels. This indicates that your audience is actively interacting and engaging with your content, which can lead to higher conversions and a stronger community.
Develop a captivating and informative video teaser that provides a sneak peek or highlights the key features of your project. This teaser serves as a powerful marketing tool to create interest and curiosity among potential users.
Clearly define and articulate the unique positioning of your project. Highlight what sets your project apart from competitors, emphasizing its value proposition, target audience, and key benefits. Ensure that your positioning is authentic and aligned with your brand identity.
Extend your brand presence and establish a strong presence within the metaverse, which includes virtual worlds, decentralized platforms, and blockchain-based environments. Explore opportunities to engage with users in these spaces and leverage the unique capabilities they offer.
Consistently engage in promotional activities and discussions to create awareness and drive interest in your project. Promote your brand with native mentions on platforms that are popular among Web3 audiences.
Ensure that your brand platform, including messaging, values, and visual identity, is consistent across all channels. Align your brand to convey a cohesive and compelling image to your audience.
Set up and organize your Discord server effectively. Create channels, assign roles, and establish guidelines to foster a thriving and engaged community on Discord.
Develop and outline incentive campaigns to encourage user participation, engagement, and adoption. Create rewards, competitions, or other incentives that align with your project's goals and motivate users to take desired actions.
Aim to have a response time of less than two minutes within your community. Promptly address inquiries, concerns, and discussions to provide excellent community support and maintain active engagement.
Foster an active and vibrant community by encouraging more than 50 daily messages. Facilitate discussions, interactions, and collaboration among community members to build a thriving ecosystem around your project.
Create a whitelist to drive new user registrations. Offer exclusive benefits, early access, or special privileges to incentivize users to join your project and become part of your community.
Create a waitlist or early access program to generate anticipation and capture the interest of potential users. Offer exclusive benefits or incentives to those on the waitlist, building excitement and ensuring a strong user base upon launch.
Plan and launch at least two events per week to engage your community, attract new users, and create buzz around your project. These events can include webinars, AMA sessions, live streams, workshops, or virtual conferences.
Take advantage of free marketing outlets such as Medium, Reddit, and Hackernoon to promote your project, engage with the audience, and share valuable content or updates. Leverage these channels to increase brand visibility and generate organic interest.
Implement a referral program that incentivizes existing users to refer new users to your project. Offer rewards or benefits to both the referrer and the referred, encouraging organic growth through word-of-mouth marketing.
Make a plan for how you will tell people about your business. Decide what you want to achieve and who you want to reach. Choose the main things you want people to know. Pick the best ways to share your message like social media or email. Make a list of things you can do each month to tell more people. Follow this plan to help your marketing work well for the next 6 months or longer. Stick to this plan so you know what to do each day and week to spread the word about your business.
Create a brand book that documents your brand's visual identity, including color schemes, fonts, logos, and style guidelines. This ensures consistency in brand representation across all marketing materials.
Craft a compelling and authentic brand story that connects with your target audience. Clearly communicate your brand's mission, values, and unique selling points to differentiate yourself in the market.
Appoint a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and establish the role of the Head of Marketing within your organization. These key positions are responsible for leading and executing the overall marketing strategy, ensuring its alignment with business objectives.
Make a plan showing the steps people take from first learning about your project to becoming a user and after that. Study all the times and ways people connect with your brand. Find ways to improve each part of the process to make the experience better for users. The goal is to encourage more people to use your project by enhancing what they see and do at each stage after discovery.
Launch a strategy to increase token liquidity. Implement tactics such as liquidity mining, yield farming, or partnerships with liquidity providers to ensure a healthy and liquid token ecosystem.
Confirm listings on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX) to ensure that your project's token is available for trading on popular platforms, expanding its accessibility and liquidity.
Plan and outline collaborations with other Web3 brands at least twice a month. Collaborations can help expand your reach, tap into new audiences, and create mutually beneficial partnerships.
Establish a strategy to systematically increase the number and quality of partnerships for your project. Collaborate with other projects, organizations, or influencers that can mutually benefit from the partnership and contribute to your project's growth.
Identify and determine the main sources of traffic for your project. Focus on the most effective channels and optimize your marketing efforts accordingly. Implement a traffic system that tracks and maximizes the flow of users to your project.
Implement various strategies and techniques to generate organic leads and users for your project. Explore and utilize at least 35 different methods to attract and convert users without relying solely on paid advertising.
Recruit brand ambassadors or influencers who align with your project's values and target audience. These individuals can help promote your project, increase awareness, and drive user engagement through their networks and communities.
Start a program to get people talking about your project to others. Build a group of loyal users who really love what you do. Help these fans become your biggest supporters by having them share with friends how great your project is. Aim to turn users into people eagerly telling others all the good things about your work. When your existing users spread the word, it attracts new people to try your project too.
Form partnerships with other projects in the same blockchain network. These partnerships can help you reach more people, increase your credibility, and create beneficial relationships within the blockchain community.
Incorporate gamification elements into your marketing strategy to enhance user engagement and incentivize desired behaviors. This can include features such as rewards, challenges, leaderboards, or interactive experiences that make the user journey more enjoyable and interactive.
Identify and create a list of contractors and agencies that you may need to engage with for various marketing activities. This includes professionals or firms specializing in areas such as content creation, design, social media management, or public relations.
Establish a marketing campaign specifically focused on driving new community members and onboarded wallets. Develop strategies, promotions, and initiatives to attract and onboard new users to your project.
In conclusion, the $1B Web3 Marketing Check List provides a comprehensive roadmap for Web3 builders to supercharge their projects and achieve unprecedented success in the crypto market. Remember, the Web3 landscape is ever-evolving, and staying ahead requires constant innovation and adaptation.
Are you ready to take your Web3 project to new heights of success and dominance in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape? Look no further! Cryptorsy presents the ultimate $1B Web3 Marketing CheckList, designed exclusively for visionary cryptopreneurs like you.
Cryptorsy deals with all of these!

Marketing fundamentals

Content Distribution

Community management

Team management

Crypto Enthusiast Daniel S.
Establish a marketing campaign
Crypto project roadmap
Coinbase Ambassador Program
Content-plan example
Cryptorsy tweet
How to effectively work with twitter
Referral Zealy program
Incentive Campaigns
B-Cube Whitelist
Marketing Plan
By following these essential points, you'll not only attract more liquidity and token purchases but also foster a loyal and engaged community.
Do you want to work through each point step by step at the top-notch level? Then click the button below and submit your application!
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