Way to web3 marketing

by leveraging all the advantages of the new digital landscape

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The world has undergone a permanent change, affecting lifestyles and habits
it may seem like a bubble during a weak economy, but it's not
Web3 is an evolution that blends the trusted core of web2 with the revolutionary power of web3, using a web2.5 mix to ease the shift for current brands and unleash the potential of web3 for enhanced problem-solving and efficiency.
where businesses must adapt to not only survive but provide customers with significantly enhanced experiences.
But, we are here to introduce you to web3, which is not just about some meaningless JPEGs called NFTs.
It's a mighty tool that can change the game and bring new revenue streams to your business. It can also help you transform your business model, attract more users, improve your metrics such as LTV, ROI, and EBITDA, increase your capitalization by chaining your assets and making them tradable, and reduce your costs through AI integration.
of uncertainty where the physical and digital worlds have merged!
Cryptomarketing - new era of marketing
Web 2.5
Web 3.0
Web 2.0
The new era
Progression is pretty straight

Web3 and its tools inside, just the new stage of Internet development, that couldnt be skipped.
The world is buzzing with excitement about the potential of web3
So, why not seize the opportunity to be an early adopter and reap the rewards?
On the other hand, Kodak is a prime example of a company that rejected technological advancements and ultimately lost the game forever
Would big corporations such as Apple, Amazon, Shopify, UFC, Meta, Gucci, Netflix, and Google be considered foolish for choosing to adopt web3 transformation?

History has shown us that early adopters and trendsetters in the tech industry, such as those who embraced websites, applications, CRMs, digital banks, IT platforms, and smartphones, have always come out on top.
what would happen if web2 brands decided not to change anything
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According to trend reports and examples of web3 adoption, the marketing and product landscape is rapidly redefining, and the tendency is here to stay.
has now become

businesses can transition to web3

what are the people saying?
The earlier you are stepping into the game, the more chances to successfully outperform competitors you get.

necessity nowadays

not a wish, but a
Web3 transformation is
Law firm
Financial services
Real estate
IT platforms and software
we've got great news for you!
These are among the most promising niches that can reap huge benefits from the web3 transition.
If you belong to any of these fields:
Seize the moment and boost your profit margins by taking advantage of the opportunities available to you now..
How does it sound to eventually:

Increase customer loyalty and LTV with NFT-based loyalty systems;

Capitalize on assets by tokenizing them and make tradable on blockchain

Redefine business models and boost ROI with community-driven incentivization

Attract web3-native users and increase revenue in new digital niches

Enhance customer experience by integrating with Metaverse and AR/VR

Personalize experiences with data and tech to suit individual preferences.

Co-create relevant products with your community to build a dedicated fanbase

Prioritize user privacy with encryption and decentralized identity solutions

Expand reach by partnering with existing web3 brands

Streamline workflow and reduce costs with AI techniques

web3 is about getting mass adopted
We start with an introductory call to understand your business and identify which elements of Web3 can boost your performance.
We'll create a roadmap and brand integration strategy that is tailored specifically to your business, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to the new digital era.
Our team of experts will provide consultancy and guidance on introducing Web3 to your brand, including product-market fit analysis and readiness evaluation.
Forget about the years of approaching to the new digital reality and spending millions of dollars, with the low barriers to entry in the web3 world, you can start taking advantage of the opportunities right now.
There is something
extremely tailored and flashy!
and then, you
can just rely on us
We will provide the necessary elements for your strategy by helping execute the roadmap.
It will include only relevant for your brand tools, such as:
What is your use case
and more tools to get benefited from...
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for your business with Cryptorsy
De-code the rapid growth formula
Schedule a free introductory call with our methodologists to understand your needs and provide you with the necessary outlook.
Patrick Grant
We were struggling to keep up with the competition in the crowded web2 market. But by transitioning to the web3, we were able to create new revenue streams, build stronger relationships with our customers, and stay ahead of the curve.
Sounds impressive? Feels too.
Propy continues to innovate in the real estate industry by introducing new features such as tokenization of properties, which enables fractional ownership of real estate assets. This makes it possible for investors to own a share of a property, which can be traded like a stock, providing liquidity and making it easier for people to invest in real estate.
How many times stronger your company might be merging with web3 leading tools? 7X, 20X, 75X, 150X or more? Who knows..

Here are some cases
RealT is a US-based real estate investment platform that leveraged web3 technology to offer fractional ownership of properties. RealT's transparent and secure platform records all transactions on an immutable ledger, providing a tamper-proof record of investments. With over 50,000 registered users, RealT has tokenized over $100 million in real estate assets.
Adidas has partnered with VeChain to leverage web3 technology and enhance the shopping experience for customers. By using blockchain-based solutions, they aim to create a more transparent and secure supply chain while reducing the risk of fraud and counterfeiting. The benefits of this partnership include greater customer trust, engagement, and revenue growth. In fact, Adidas saw a 10% increase in revenue and a 12% rise in net income in 2022.
Zara, a web2 retail brand, has transitioned to a web3 brand by integrating NFTs, native tokens, metaverse, and blockchain data storage to create the Zara Ecosystem project. The project has opened a new market for limited-edition clothing and provided greater transparency and security in transactions, as well as proof of ownership and authenticity of physical items.
Circle successfully transitioned from a web2 to web3 brand by integrating NFTs, native tokens, metaverse, community-driven elements, and blockchain data storage. Benefits include faster transactions, expanded services, community governance, NFT and metaverse access, and transparency. Features include USD Coin, NFT integration, Decentraland partnership, and Centre. Circle's growth is evidenced by $10B/month in transactions and 10M customers globally by 2020.
Coursera integrated blockchain technology into its platform to provide secure digital credentials, which could be verified by potential employers or institutions. It also launched its own cryptocurrency, Coursera Coin, to incentivize student participation. Additionally, Coursera explored virtual and augmented reality technologies to offer immersive learning experiences. These efforts helped the platform stay at the forefront of online education, resulting in a user base increase from 25 million in 2017 to over 100 million in 2021.
Charles & Keith accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum payments, participated in Decentraland's Metaverse Fashion Week, and utilizes AI and AR technology for its online shopping experience. This strategy generates PR and marketing campaigns, showcases blockchain technology use cases, and helps the company maintain its competitive edge in the fashion industry.
NIVEA's 'The Value of Touch' campaign offered 15k free NFTs to educate users about Web3. With a personalized mobile app, AR technology, and data analytics, NIVEA underwent a digital transformation to stay ahead of the industry and meet evolving customer needs. By incorporating web3 tech like NFTs, NIVEA demonstrates a commitment to innovation.
- Nassim Taleb
with no drawbacks
only benefits
So, Moving to web3 is a fantastic enhancer for web2 brands, offering
Still know nothing about web3
Many web2 brands may not fully understand the benefits of blockchain technology and how it can improve their platform and user experience.

— You don’t need to know everything, for this use case the companies, like ours steps in. After detail mapping of the transition process, you’ll be 100% aware of all things.
It’s tooo technically hard
It really technically complex, and may require significant investment in new infrastructure and development resources.

— Infrastructure is already done. While implementing web3 technology may require additional resources and technical expertise, there are many tools, resources, and service providers available to help simplify the process and make it more accessible for web2 brands.
Brand Image Dillema
Some web2 brands may be hesitant to associate themselves with the perceived risks and uncertainties of the blockchain space, or may feel that it is not consistent with their brand image or values.

— Web3 technology can provide web2 brands with opportunities to improve transparency, efficiency, and security, which can enhance their brand image and align with their values.
User Adoption
While blockchain technology has many potential benefits, it is still not widely adopted by mainstream users, and some web2 brands may be hesitant to invest in a technology that may not be embraced by their user base.

— Investing in blockchain technology can provide web2 brands with a competitive edge, attract new users, and open up new revenue streams, even if the technology is not yet widely adopted by mainstream users. Additionally, it doesn't obligate existing database, because technology will empower what brand offers for now.
Too expensive
Companies might think, that investing money into web3 is too expensive, and starts from $100,000, but it isn’t.

— You’re spending thousands, or even hundred of thousands dollars in ads, people cost, and sales costs, and literally under-receive money. But investing into web3 transformation will unlock the real lucky deal, where investments multiplies like crazy.se, because technology will empower what brand offers for now.
The timing right now, and economy itself is super inrelevant
During the world economic recession it’s a bad idea to invest in something new and not too necessary.

— Partly. Right now barriers are low, and its too easy to overcome the gap, despite the time when everybody will go here. Investing in new technologies like web3 during an economic downturn can position web2 brands for long-term success and prepare them for the eventual recovery of the economy.
Regulatory Uncertainty
The regulatory environment for blockchain technology is still evolving, and some web2 brands may be hesitant to make significant investments in a space that is subject to uncertain and potentially unfavorable regulations.

— Everything is easy enough, there are straight ways to solve these issues, even lighter than in web2.
What if..
While the web3 space is growing rapidly, it is still a nascent and evolving market, and there is significant uncertainty about the long-term viability and sustainability of many blockchain-based platforms and applications.

— Guess what? its an opportunity window, but needed just to know the landscape and optimal ways of being integrated

Who we are
We're a top web3 marketing team with vast blockchain experience, successfully guiding many web2 brands to transition to web3. Count on us for high-quality service and support, working closely with you for a smooth transition.
Chief of public relations
Head of Community
Operational Officer
Operational Officer
A trusted business partner is your key to success. And that’s exactly what Cryptorsy.io may be for you. Acting more of a marketing back-office than an external agency, they not only offer everything a web3 - crypto - blockchain project requires for a strong online and offline marketing, but also act as an integral part of it. Cryptorsy is a team of young, but also very experienced and talented professionals, who already have many successful campaigns on their account.
For more than a month, i was looking for a good marketing partner for my web3 projects when i ran into Vlad. he and Cryptorsy team, without a doubt, are one of the most knowledgeable and best marketing agencies for web3 projects that i have ever worked with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs, not just a marketing agency, but a good and reliable partner in business.
Parham Lilian
Advisor at DuckFactory & HoneyLand
Co-founder of Centralex
Tristan Roozendaal
Currently, we are raising money for Centralex. Happy that I’ve found Vlad with Cryptorsy team, as our dedicated marketing team, that helps raise money for our business, despite all the bearish climate on the crypto market. Recommend Cryptorsy team as a truly game-changers in the questions related to the crypto marketing & fundraising and launching Rock Star web3 projects!
Jason Barraza
Head of Growth and Ops at Security Token Market, Co-host on Crypto Con Leche
Vlad and the Cryptorsy team have an excellent suite of services for all Web3 project, whether it's crypto, NFT's, or security tokens. Their in-depth knowledge of marketing and PR has resulted in significant lead generation for their past projects and I look forward to working with them on future endeavors!
Elvira Kotukh
My team was looking for a consultant for the web3 project. Vlad and Cryptorsy helped us a lot in drawing marketing strategy. We spent some time in calls discussing potential ways we should choose to achieve our goals. So, I recommend him as an expert in the crypto/NFT marketing domain. A lot of value and useful things we got from these touches with Cryptorsy.
Versico would like to thank Cryptorsy. A metaverse project's success relies also on its ability to form a proper marketing plan. Our marketing team is more than happy to work with such professionals, it's a pleasure.
Guy Newing
Founder at Immunify Life
Vlad and his team at Cryptosy have, in the initial phases of our relationship shown to be diligent and hardworking professionals. They have very quickly developed a comprehensive marketing program and shown a deep understanding of market dynamics and community building techniques.
Darius Kraucionis
CEO at Cryptexus
Without any issues will pick up on the ship guys from Cryptorsy on the web3 projects, because of the fundamental way to execute all tasks. You will have a strong and dedicated crypto marketing partner.
Centralex Digital Asset Exchange
Looking ahead: Possibilities in the web3 space, what to watch out for, advise for budding entrepreneurs, and predictions for the next 12 months.
Grady Andersen
Business Development Consultant
Vlad is fantastic Web 3 marketer. We in 2021 through mutual professional connections in the crypto space had many valuable conversations about community management
and business development. I highly recommend Vlad as a professional and passionate crypto marketer, mostly because of his win-win approach to client-contractor relationships.
Jeremy Victor
Co-Founder at Versico
Got to say, after looking for a lot of Web3 Agencies, Vlad gave me the best professional service!

Definitely 10/10
Ryan Nichols
Co-Founder at EarthTones Global Music APP
Recommend Cryptorsy team with Vlad, as a CEO! These guys really care about outcomes and work from a position of solid numbers, and deliver guess what? Firm results! Full-stack crypto marketing squad, that is absolutely crazy, because of a result-oriented mindset.If you wanna be a big fish in the crypto market you definitely have to collab with Cryptorsy!
Viktor Dombovetskyi
Networking Mentor for Tech leaders
I know Vlad since October 2021 and can definitely say that he is an outstanding business and marketing development strategist. Vlad is a leader in sales & marketing and has a true entrepreneurial spirit. Vlad helped me to better understand my unique selling point and sale engagement funnel. Vlad is deeply focused on understanding your needs and find right solutions to attract new clients for any industry.
Cryptorsy.io acting more of a marketing back-office than an external agency, they not only offer everything a web3 - crypto - blockchain project requires for a strong online and offline marketing, but also act as an integral part of it. Team of young, but also very experienced and talented professionals, who already have many successful cases.
Aleksandra Zapiec
Head Of Marketing at Ari10
Cryptorsy is an incredible professional team, since we met, I saw the professionalism that they have a part from the creativity, will to do better and the will-power that they have to make things happen. I truly recommend Cryptorsy Team since they are a hardworking team with ambitions and multiple projects going on inside their bright heads.
Juan Gasca
Chief Marketing Officer &
Co-founder at Olympia Sports
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