The powerful community in crypto

The powerful community in crypto: who, where, and how?

Hey, crypto enthusiasts!

Everyone, who has an experience in the cryptocurrency industry, knows how important it is to create and maintain a network. Because that’s how you draw in investors! The question here is: how? Let us share some of our insights, based on our practice.

Before we start, write down this thesis: the users are the stakeholders in the cryptocurrency project. Remember, that they are highly focused on the leaders of the project, the stake they have, the execution of the project, and the roadmap. Be sure you have all these elements considered and transparent for the members.
The vast majority of cryptopreneurs equate the community to the term social media followers. The community today implies more than just a Twitter or Instagram following on the profile of your project.

Use services like Discord or Telegram if you want to engage in meaningful conversation. Using a crypto community strategy will provide startups an advantage over their rivals. A healthy discussion should announce product development and respond quickly to concerns. Want to build a community where you can share your expertise with like-minded people? Your highly engaged online group continues to grow your customer base. The trick is to get as many people involved in the discussion as possible.

The problem of simplified idea

Example of chatting
What’s the main point of active discussions? We’d say that they offer a variety of benefits like feedback from users to help improve the project, valuable marketing, a customer service channel, and ambassadors for your project.
Example of entertainment activities
“Community building is everything about creating an atmosphere where everybody wants to be because it's jaunty at least”, — says our Cryptorsy’s CEO, Vlad Svitanko.
We are sure that it's essential. Community is not about working with content, but about working with people! Hiring a community manager is crucial if you want your Discord, Telegram, and Twitter communities to be as effective as possible. Who is a community manager? Simply: a person who oversees the development and upkeep of a community.

Among the many duties that community managers are in charge of moderating, producing content, setting up discussions, and more. In addition, they are well-versed in how to build a community on the platform and how to use it.

Before searching for such a specialist, consider our advice: find someone with previous Telegram and Discord community management experience! The next thing you should remember is to choose a person who is knowledgeable about the crypto sphere and actively involved in it.

Finding someone organized and capable of managing several jobs at once is your third rule. And finally: this person has to be enthusiastic about your project and committed to building your community.
Well, these are the main elements, the exchange of which will help you build a community of not just supporters, but followers of your idea. If you do everything right, you will gather an entire army that will represent the value of your project!

Stay tuned with us, there is much more to know about the Crypto world!

What’s the real crypto community?

To build a strong network around your projects, you have to understand the core desires of your target audiences. If you want to persuade a person with your idea: you must first find out what he is interested in, be involved in communication with what he is interested in, and only after that lead to what you want. The community is an identity of your idea. It’s built around the same group of people that are on the same journey. What do people want, whom you see as followers of your idea? This is not a banal financial benefit, as most people think, although it has its place here.

Core desires are deeper than just getting a profit. They can be different, and you, as the author of the project, must build content around these desires. Why? Because every decision that person makes is optimized for the desire/need. It can be happiness, security or belonging, status, validation, legacy, recognition, or others. Learn your audience, listen to them, and give them what they want.

Where and how to start?

Setting up a community won't take a long time if you involve the real marketing pros. But keeping it active, developing, and maintaining the interest is a continuous process.

Coming back to the question of how to start it, let’s cover the main steps. Long story short: define the audience, identify their needs and desires, set the vision, choose the channels, get people excited, and… be trustworthy, of course!

Another simple, but important piece of advice: make it fun! Educate the newcomers, yet make them feel relaxed: create games and entertainment activities.

Community manager: yes or no?

Gleb Specter
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