How to Approach Crypto marketing Agencies

How to Approach Crypto marketing Agencies

The main areas you should pay attention to, while choosing a marketing agency for your Web3 project:

What distinguishes between the internal marketing team and the agency?

Marketing is crucial for any business to succeed, and this is no different for crypto projects. With the rise of the web3, the demand for marketing services in the crypto space has increased tremendously. However, not all marketing agencies are created equal, and choosing the right one can make all the difference in the success of your project. In this article, we will discuss the key factors to consider when choosing a marketing agency for your crypto project.
  • Their Cases: The agency's track record is an essential factor to consider. Look for an agency that has experience in promoting crypto projects and a good track record of success. It's also worth checking out their case studies and requesting references from past clients to get a better sense of their expertise.

  • Services offered: Crypto marketing requires a unique approach compared to traditional marketing. Therefore, make sure that the agency you choose offers services that are specific to Web3. The agency should be able to provide you with the right strategies and tactics to achieve your project's goals.

Top 5 ranking list of web3 marketing agencies in crypto space:

When it comes to marketing your cryptocurrency project, there are two main options available: building an internal marketing team or outsourcing to a marketing agency. While building an internal team provides full control over the team and fixed costs for salaries, outsourcing to a marketing agency has several advantages.

Marketing agencies are typically more cost-effective and efficient than building an internal team, with extensive experience and expertise in marketing that can help you achieve your objectives faster. They tend to focus more on specific KPIs and can be held accountable for delivering results.

Furthermore, marketing agencies can provide access to a broader range of marketing channels and tools that an internal team may not have. They also offer a fresh perspective on your project and can bring innovative ideas and strategies to the table. Outsourcing to a marketing agency is more flexible than hiring an internal team, as you can adjust the level of services as needed without having to keep track of salaries, management and education, which can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Pricing and Packages: When choosing a marketing agency, it's crucial to consider their pricing and packages. However, don't simply opt for the cheapest option, as this may not provide the best value for your money. Instead, look for an agency that offers transparent pricing with no hidden costs, and whose packages are tailored to your specific needs and budget.

  • Areas of Focus: Consider the agency's area of focus and ensure that it aligns with your project's needs. Some agencies specialize in working with NFT collections, while others focus only on massive PR campaigns for real estate projects. Its super important to pick up the skilled team that has been battle tested in the areas most relevant to your project. Look for an agency that has worked with reputable crypto projects in the past and has helped them achieve their goals. Check out reviews and testimonials from past clients, and ensure that the agency's approach aligns with your specific field to ensure the best possible fit.
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  • Transparency and Workflows: A good marketing agency values transparency and has clear workflows in place. You should know exactly what you're paying for and what results you can expect. The agency should also be able to provide you with regular progress reports and updates, ensuring that you're always aware of the campaign's progress.

  • Performance based — When an agency is willing to be tied to the results of their work, it shows that they have confidence in their abilities and are committed to delivering successful outcomes. By being paid based on the accomplishment of specific KPIs, such as increased traffic, engagement, or sales, the agency has a vested interest in ensuring that they are doing everything possible to achieve those goals.

  • Social Evidence: Finally, paying attention to the content they produce can give you valuable insight into their skillset and expertise. By analyzing the agency's social media activity, you can also gain a sense of their reputation within the industry and their ability to connect with a broader audience. In short, assessing an agency's social evidence is a critical step in determining whether they are the right fit for your needs.
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“When you partner with a marketing agency, you are essentially investing in the collective experience and proven track record of their team, which gives you a higher degree of confidence in achieving successful results, based on their past campaigns.”
Ultimately, a combination of an internal core marketing team and an external marketing agency could be the best fit. A dedicated Web3 marketing agency can easily integrate with the project's internal team, setting up a great synergy that will drive results. This is not a controversial idea and can offer the best of both worlds.
Effective collaborations begin with a clear understanding of the goals and responsibilities of each partner. Both parties should be willing to take on key performance indicators (KPIs) and responsibility for their contributions to the project.
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Key characteristics of effective future collaborations that can help you identify and select the right partners

An effective collaboration should have a seamless onboarding process and ongoing support from day one. This includes clear communication, timely feedback, and regular check-ins to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
A good marketing agency should offer only relevant services that drive results. They should be willing to do some preliminary work, such as a free audit or providing expert insights, to help you achieve your goals. In addition, they should be willing to take project tokens and invest in the success of the project.
Finally, an effective collaboration should provide access to new audiences, business opportunities, and rapid growth through connections. This includes providing access to the agency's network, partners, and other resources that can help the client achieve their goals.
A cool marketing agency should demonstrate dedication to the project and the client's success. They should not only execute the services that have been bought but also provide the most relevant and clever approach to achieve the goals. They should be committed to stopping clients from doing meaningless work and instead focus on achieving the desired outcomes.

Take the First Step Towards Effective Collaboration

1. Cryptorsy is the One and Only Web3 Rock Star Factory that customizes its approach to fit your business metrics. Whether your focus is NFTs, blockchains, DeFi platforms, centralized exchanges, or any other area of the crypto market, Cryptorsy can offer the relevant marketing solutions you require. At Cryptorsy, we leverage all available marketing tools, optimizing those that were effective in Web2 to work in Web3 and refining those already working well in Web3. This results in a potent combination of stable working tools and exclusive projects known only by 3% of the projects in the market.

Our approach is founded on performance and complete dedication. We do not simply work as contractors, but rather as full marketing partners with an unwavering focus on delivering results. Our ultimate objective is to propel our clients to the top 100 CoinMarketCap and make them genuine Crypto Rock Stars.

2. Ninjapromo, based in New York City, offers a range of marketing and advertising services with a primary focus on optimizing all aspects of the sales funnel, including email marketing, UI/UX design, and PR campaign support.

3. Coinbound brings together a team of talented content creators and promoters who are capable of creating, distributing, and expanding your project's content initiatives.

4. Crowdcreate specializes in NFT marketing and brings together strategists, community managers, and creative writers to help their clients build a strong online presence and engage with their target audience.

5. Blockwiz is well known for their expertise in influence management and brand consulting, helping their clients establish a strong brand identity and build a loyal following in the crypto space.
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How much does it cost to cooperate with a crypto marketing agency?
The cost of using a crypto digital marketing company will vary depending on the size and scope of your campaign. However, we believe that our prices are very competitive and offer excellent value for money. If you would like a more accurate quote, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a customized proposal to fit your budget.
What are the best marketing channels for my crypto offering?
The best advertising and marketing channels are the ones that will allow you to reach your target audience most effectively within your budget. This will vary depending on your type of cryptocurrency project - whether it’s an ICO or a more well-established offering. However, some of the most popular marketing channels for crypto projects include the following:

  • SEO & Content Marketing
  • PPC Ads
  • Social Ads
  • PR & Outreach
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Online Communities
  • Press releases
From what and how exactly we can start a collaboration?
Sure thing, we start with a briefing and underlining your goals, to make it our main focus in the work progress, then we’ll give you a couple of gifts (secret), connect your personal marketing manager to your project and launch campaigns. Just beep us on telegram @cryptorsy_io_bot , email us at, leave your request here or book a call on our website. We have a principal position: what starts perfectly, will go on perfectly. So be sure, the process of work will be perfect in detail.
How I can be sure that you’ll deliver results?
As a team of data-driven crypto digital marketers, we place a strong emphasis on ROI. We believe that transparency is key — that's the reason we’ll always keep you up to date with our progress, so you can check out the results at any time.

Our combination of experience, expertise, and flexibility makes us some of the best crypto marketing experts in the industry. Here are some of the ways we ensure our clients get the best results:

  1. We have a team of experts who are solely focused on marketing cryptocurrency.
  2. We stay up to date with the latest industry news and trends.
  3. We develop creative solutions that are designed to help our clients overcome the unique challenges present in the world of cryptocurrency.
  4. We are always monitoring our campaigns to ensure they are delivering the desired results.
  5. We always remain agile and adapt our cryptocurrency strategies as needed.
  6. We offer competitive pricing to fit your budget without sacrificing quality.
What makes Cryptorsy unique and super valuable to me?
All our benefits: gifts, personal marketing manager, free audit, all services on a high-quality level, super easy-to-take prices, perfect scenario and funnels for result getting, and our powerful web3 network, that we can connect to you (all our relations and guys, that can strengthen your performance).
What do I get if I accept your offer, and what do I lose if I refuse?
Shortly, you’ll lose your dedicated crypto marketing partners that could bring you the highest results in the space because they’ve done this a million times, and why don't we do that with you?

What do you get? You get a successful marketing launch and sustainability in your future because 21+ TOP-level experts will manage your marketing activities!
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