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Building a landing page tailored for the Web3 project. How to?

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Gleb Specter
7 min

Why You Need a Landing Page

Design & UI/UX

Building Trust with Reviews and Stories

Show It in Action

Proof of Work

Headlines Matter Big Time

Sell the Dream

Making It Work on Phones and Easy for Everyone

Alright, picture this: You're at Disneyland for the first time. You're clueless about where the coolest rides are. But then, you stumble upon a map, and bam! You suddenly know where everything's at, and you can go wherever you want.

Your project's website is kind of that map, and here's the kicker - different folks in your audience are into different stuff. Some dig social features, while others are all about the nitty-gritty tech stuff.

So, the big idea here is that your Landing Page is like a quick guide to all the awesome things in your project. And what's super important is where people end up after checking it out.
Alright, let's talk about making your website look super awesome and user-friendly. You know, the kind of site that's not just cool but practically legendary!

You can make your Web3 landing page way more interesting by adding interactive and educational things. Think of it like this: explainer videos, step-by-step tutorials you can play with, and cool visual stuff that shows how Web3 works. When designers do this, it's like inviting people to dive deeper into the world of Web3.
You know how when you're shopping online, seeing what other people think helps you trust a product? Well, it's the same with web3. Designers can show off real examples of how Web3 has helped folks. They can also share what users say, like reviews and case studies. This stuff makes your site look reliable, and people like that.
If you can, why not show folks how your product does its magic? Adding GIFs with simple demos, like how staking works, gives users the idea that your product is a breeze to use. That's super important because complex stuff scares off new Web3 users.
Let's give folks a peek into what's been happening with the project. Share the milestones you've reached, the metrics you've hit, and the achievements you've unlocked. This gives users a clear picture of where the project is right now and, more importantly, where it's headed. Your plans and upcoming events, all get people excited about the project. Because, you know, these things can often boost the value of your token (if you've got one). Just remember, we're in the business of hope.
On your landing page, it's critical to have attention-grabbing headlines. They should be short but loud. This way, you structure the page, and people instinctively know where to look and focus their attention while exploring your landing page.
Even before you start structuring your page, ask yourself, "Who's this landing page for?" Once you know, think about the state of mind they wanna be in when they use your product.

For instance, if you're into DeFi, make sure your design and words give investors a feeling of confidence in their assets.

It's crucial to build your landing page based on your ideal customer profile and understand what your customers want, what bugs them, what they're afraid of, and what gets them to take action. It's not about what's interesting to you; it's all about your customers.
Nowadays, lots of folks use their phones to surf the web. So, your Web3 landing page has to look good and work smoothly on mobiles. This means smart design tricks to make everything fit on small screens, and making sure text and buttons are easy to use. And hey, don't forget about people with disabilities. Your site should be friendly to everyone, no matter what.
And oh, by the way, trust is the name of the game. Your team, what you've accomplished so far, your roadmap - all of it should tell users, "Hey, we're not some scam project. You can trust us."
If you want a high-converting website that'll blow your users' minds, hit us up by clicking the button below. Let's do this!
Today, we're diving into something super practical - creating a Landing Page for your Web3 project. We'll break down some key things you've gotta know and use to craft that perfect LP.

After you're done reading this, we suggest you take a peek at your website and make sure everything's in the right place. So, let's get rolling!

The Main Hook

Keep It Simple

Show You're Part of the Cool Crowd

Make it simple
You're part of the cool crowd
Well, using hooks it might be like a life-changing vest.

But what’s the hook? Key catchy message created specifically for the some specific audience, that is looking for the offers, like your hook does.

If your first screen doesn't have something that pulls users into deeper stuff, well, you're losing out on loads of traffic. +

But, back in the Web2 days, we were pretty straightforward. We'd lead folks straight to the action. Nowadays, it's all about softer interactions.

That's where the beauty of Web3 shines. Each project can have its unique hook. But when we talk about what usually works, it's about guiding users to your product/MVP or getting them to join a waitlist.
Here, less is definitely more. The simpler and more straightforward you can explain your complex ideas, the more people will wanna stick around. People are used to TikTok-style quick bites of info. So, if your landing page doesn't grab their attention and get the idea across in the first 3 seconds, it's not doing its job.

You can use a gazillion fancy words to describe your product, but find the best ones.
Trust isn't just about your team; it's also about your crew - advisors, partners, investors. Plus, you can flaunt your social side by sharing what the media says about you, your rankings, customer feedback, and what influencers and KOLs are buzzing about. Don't forget to mention your whitelists and community members. All of this makes you look like part of something big and serious that everyone wants in on.
According to our internal statistics, more than 60% of traffic Web3 projects get from mobile devices, so you should pay even more attention to the mobile version than to the desktop one. Many brands forget about this.
Nobody wants to read dull facts. So, how about sharing an inspiring story about how you're planning to change the world with your product? Storytelling is like the secret sauce to get folks interested and cheering for you.
Feel free to spice up your landing page with some cool animations that will give users a unique experience – they'll definitely appreciate it. But remember, don't go overboard; user-friendliness is more important than being too unconventional.
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In a Nutshell
Even though landing pages have been the go-to marketing tool for ages, things have changed. Nowadays, your landing page has to be on point to grab users' attention.

At Cryptorsy, we're all about top-notch landing pages. Here's some cool stuff we do:

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