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Hey there, fellow Web3 adventurers! Today, we're diving headfirst into a topic that really makes Web3 doers sweat. The burning question of "Which Web3 influencer is worth teaming up with?" is like a battle cry echoing across the halls of Cryptorsy.

And trust us, it's not surprising. Many folks out there have no clue about the treacherous terrain that lies ahead when you're gearing up for a Web3 influence campaign. Bureaucratic hoops, bizarre conditions, fickle followers, and a coverage plan that's more scrambled than your breakfast eggs—yeah, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

But worry not, comrades! We've got your back. We've got a hefty list of top-tier Web3 influencers and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), all battle-tested and ready to rock. And because we're not about to leave you hanging on the edge of uncertainty, we've spiced things up with a comprehensive guide on how to ride with these digital trailblazers.

Strap in, warriors! Let's kick this off!
Ivan Liljeqvist
Chris Dixon
Matt Kim
The DeFi Edge
Patrick | Dynamo DeFi
DeFi Dad
Viktor DeFi
DeFi Saint
Play and Earn
On-chain gaming
NFT Live
Anthony Pompliano
Preethi Kasireddy
Oliver Jumpertz

TOP Web3 Influencers & KOLs

Spotting the Right Web3 Influencers for Your Crew

Paying the Web3 Piper: Coins, Cash, or Both?

Wrapping Up

Trust and Authenticity

The Web3 Hope Market

Impact and Efficiency

Ivan Liljeqvist (@IvanOnTech)
Chris Dixon (@cdixon)
Elena.eth (@ElenaaETH)
Matt Kim (@withmattkim)
The DeFi Edge (@thedefiedge)
Patrick | Dynamo DeFi (@Dynamo_Patrick)
Gmoney (@gmoneyNFT)
DeFi Dad (@DeFi_Dad)
Fomotion (@Fomotion1)
Viktor DeFi (@ViktorDefi)
Punk6529 (@punk6529)
CryptoBanterGroup (@crypto_banter)
DataDash (@Nicholas_Merten)
CryptoCrow (@jasonappleton)
Artchick (@digitalartchick)
Zueljin.eth (@Zueljin)
DeFi Saint (@TheDeFISaint)
Play and Earn (@BtcPromoter_Nft)
On-chain gaming (@jakebrowatzke)
Cryptonauts (@CryptonautsShow)
NFT Live (@NFTLive)
Anthony Pompliano (@APompliano)

Define Your Crowd:

Scour the Social Scene:

Credentials Check:

Inspect Their Arsenal:

Past Lives Matter:

Slide into Their DMs:

Elan Halpern (@0xElan)
Kylereidhead.eth (@KyleReidhead)
Preethi Kasireddy (@iam_preethi)
Oliver Jumpertz (@oliverjumpertz)
When we talk about Influence Marketing, one thing reigns supreme: authenticity. In the wild world of Web3, where trust in projects, teams, and tech is worth its weight in crypto gold, thought leaders emerge as the bridge between projects and the potential investors or users. Their authentic endorsements and reviews are the lifejackets that save you from drowning in a sea of uncertainty.
Now, let's talk Web3—a landscape painted with projects ranging from DeFi dragons to NFT unicorns. It's a realm that promises innovation and investment like no other. But be warned, the path is riddled with the pitfalls of deceit and dashed hopes. Enter Influence Marketing, the knight in shining armor. These thought leaders sort through the chaos, presenting their audience with gems that truly shine amidst the rubble.
The power of Influence Marketing in the Web3 universe is like a triple threat. One: these thought leaders pack a punch with a massive, engaged following, giving projects a launchpad to the moon. Two: their endorsements come from hard-earned experience, lending an air of wisdom to their words. Three: picture this—crypto rewards, like project tokens, are the carrots that entice these influencers to dive headfirst into promoting your project.
Ivan created his Youtube channel to help break down complex topics in Web3 and make them easy for anyone to understand. His informative but simple explanations are perfect for anyone new to the space, and he has amassed nearly half a million subscribers.
Chris Dixon has been a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz since 2012 and founded and leads a16z Crypto, which invests in Web3 across multiple funds. Follow Chris to read about the companies he’s investing in and how the space is evolving.
Meet Elena Sinelnikova, aka @ElenaaETH on Twitter. She's a blockchain sorceress, entrepreneur, and Web3 influencer. Co-founder of CryptoChicks, a powerhouse for empowering women in blockchain, Elena's been weaving her magic in the blockchain tapestry since 2016.
Matt's the maestro of crypto deconstruction, breaking down trends and serving them up with a side of visual storytelling. His platforms are a playground for Web3 product reviews that'll level up your knowledge.
The DeFi Edge isn't just a name; it's a whole attitude. A commentator, educator, and the author behind “The DeFi Edge” newsletter—a treasure map through the wild seas of DeFi trends.

Here's the kicker: they recently dropped a knowledge bomb called "The Analysis Apprentice." It's a free course that's like a treasure chest of DeFi protocol wisdom. Trust us, you want in on this.
Patrick creates analytical and educational content about crypto projects in decentralised finance.

He also advises DeFi startups including Clip Finance and Huddle Finance. He produces a weekly newsletter, Dynamo DeFi, which covers cryptocurrency trends, tools and blockchain analysis, and has over 7,000 subscribers.
Gmoney is another well-connected influential person in the NFT industry. We highly recommend following him to stay in the loop regarding NFTs.
Meet the legend of the DeFi realm: DeFiDad! This crypto maestro isn't just any early adopter; he's the OG super-user, educator, and investor in the DeFi universe. DeFiDad's journey into the Ethereum cosmos kicked off in 2018, and he's been making waves ever since. Picture this: advisor roles at Zapper, Push Protocol, and The Defiant. But that's not all—he's also the captain of "The Edge Podcast," where he drops knowledge bombs that could rival the crypto market's most explosive moments.
Fomotion is the daily content dojo on YouTube. Here, you'll find the latest crypto news, airdrop alerts, and a treasure map to the next 100x coins.

Since marching into the scene in March 2021, Fomotion and crew have been on a quest for crypto magic, keeping the tribe up-to-date on all things crypto.
Need an honest review that hits harder than a market dip? ViktorDefi spills the beans on industry happenings and simplifies the complexities of DeFi for all to grasp.
Another bright mind in Web3 and NFT space is Punk6529. He aims to seize the meme of production and steer the community towards building an open and decentralized metaverse instead of one controlled by the handful of Web2 giants like Facebook.

Punk6529 is an anonymous NFT influencer who owns a vast collection of popular NFTs like CryptoPunks, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Rare Pepes, Art Blocks, Autoglyphs, and more.
Crypto Banter is the live crypto stream you've been waiting for. They dive deep into the world of crypto, from Bitcoin bombshells to breaking news and beyond.

In the crypto game since 2021, Crypto Banter comes armed with ethics and education to guide you through every twist and turn in the crypto realm.
Nicholas Merten, the virtuoso behind DataDash, has been in the crypto arena since 2017. His YouTube domain is a treasure trove of all things crypto and finance.
Jason Appleton leapt into the crypto cosmos in 2017, swiftly amassing a loyal following enchanted by his rise, enlightened by his lessons, and inspired by his journey from rags to riches.
Artchick is one of our favorite female NFT influencers on Twitter. Her content is super relevant and insightful for anyone looking to follow the fast-moving world of NFTs.
Zueljin, a gamer, NFT fanatic, and influencer who's all about games in the digital realm, especially blockchain and NFT games.

His channel is a hangout for gamers looking to dive into NFT games, Play-To-Earn epics, and more.
Meet the oracle of DeFi blogs. This saintly figure dishes out daily servings of new project reviews and dissects intricate concepts with a surgeon's precision.

If you're on the hunt for someone who won't just sing your project's praises but will also school your audience on how to wield its power, the DeFi Saint is your chosen one.
Welcome to the Play and Earn hub, a stronghold of all things NFTs, crypto, P2Es, DeFi, and Bitcoin prophecies. If you're a new GameFi project seeking the ultimate review spotlight, you're home. They've cracked open games like Exorians, MetaKongz, EF Defense, MIND Games, and more, unveiling the sacred secrets of the GameFi universe.
Meet Jake Browatzke, a.k.a. the On Chain Gamer! He's got the triple threat: investor, crypto enthusiast, and gamer all rolled into one. With a YouTube realm boasting over 100k loyal followers, Jake's your guide through the uncharted territory of blockchain-based gaming.
Cryptonauts, the all-around crypto maverick from the United States, is like the "Sesame Street" of the blockchain cosmos. They serve up bite-sized, easy-to-digest wisdom on Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, and the dazzling world of GameFi. And when it's GameFi time, they're your go-to for P2E gameplay, tutorials, live reactions, and case studies, all in glorious video form.
Since coming up big during the clubhouse NFT craze, Faroukh has made a name for himself as one of the leading NFT influencers on Twitter as well. He is definitely a top NFT influencer to follow.
NFT Live is an NFT show that features promising projects, founders, and upcoming trends in the space. It’s hosted by 3 other well known influencers (NiftyQ, Ronin and Crypto Buffalo) who are all deep into NFTs. They often livestream their shows on YouTube, and it’s a great way to get exposure for NFT companies.
Behold, a rockstar of the crypto cosmos! Anthony Pompliano, aka "Pomp," isn't just a tech-savvy entrepreneur; he's the guy who's thrown over $100 million into early-stage companies.

Twitter's where Pomp flexes his brain muscles, dropping truth bombs on topics from crypto chronicles to DeFi dilemmas. His tweets bring clarity to even the murkiest waters of crypto complexity.

Having this maestro in your corner is like having a cheat code for a winning ad campaign.
Elan Halpern works on developer experience at Alchemy, the world's leading blockchain developer platform. She is also the co-founder of We3, helping to build a network to bring more women and non-binary professionals in the industry. Her tweets cut through the overwhelming clutter and jargon to make the space more accessible to anyone that wants to learn to build.
Kyle guiding entrepreneurs, businesses and creators into Web3. He is exploring how to use NFTs, Crypto and Blockchain to create thriving communities and build sustainable business models. He is also the author of one of the most useful Web3 newsletters and CEO of the Impact3 agency.
Preethi worked at Goldman Sachs, A16Z, and Coinbase before starting DappCamp which teaches participants to architect, deploy, and scale dApps on Ethereum. Her account is an excellent follow for anyone looking to learn about building their first dApp.
Olivier is a Web 3 developer that creates engaging content, exploring everything from blockchains to projects, from crypto to NFTs. His tweets cover everything from understanding the blockchain to practical advice on landing your first job in Web3.
The biggest challenge for Web3 Influencers is to find an honest one, without an inflated audience, who can actually bring users, and not just charge an amount for no results.

We have carefully checked all the Influencers and divided them into different domains for your convenience.






Jason Appleton leapt into the crypto cosmos in 2017, swiftly amassing a loyal following enchanted by his rise, enlightened by his lessons, and inspired by his journey from rags to riches.
Compensating Web3 influencers? It's a whole new arena. And no, there's no one-size-fits-all playbook.

It's a mix-and-match game:
  • Goals and missions
  • Influencer vibes
  • Campaign essence

Remember, a little cash, a dash of tokens—it's a recipe for success. Tokens keep them invested, and the green keeps things real. Just remember, it's a dance, not a bribe.
As we bid adieu, a nugget of wisdom for those seeking influencer allies:

When recruiting influencers, look for kindred spirits—audiences that echo your tribe. It's a trust-building journey. And when that trust clicks, it's like lighting a fuse to the Web3 dynamite.

Now, go forth, champions of the crypto cosmos! The Web3 universe is yours to conquer. Harness the power of the Web3 influencers, let their voices echo in the chambers of your success, and may your campaigns thrive like never before.

Stay crypto-savvy, stay influential, and keep riding that Web3 wave!
Hit up platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Follow the hashtags—the breadcrumbs that lead to your dream influencer.
Scope out influencers with some Web3 street cred. A background in blockchain tech, crypto, or coding? Yeah, that's the jackpot.
Engagement is the game-changer. Likes, comments, shares—they're the gauge of an influencer's firepower. High engagement? That's your green light.
What brands have they danced with before? Past collaborations spill the tea on their credibility.
Once you've got your hit list, reach out to them. Propose your mission, set your goals, and keep it real.
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