Pitch Battle

Pitch event brought by Cryptorsy

Vlad Svitanko
6 min
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Fundraising is crucial

What is Cryptorsy Pitch Battle?


How did we pick the Contenders?

Who Judged the Contenders?

Why such events are so important?

What weak sides does a casual Web3 startup have?

Fundraising is essential for crypto startups. It promotes innovation and supports marketing and user engagement. Also, it reduces the financial risks of the cryptocurrency market. These funds allow startups to invest in development, expand their team, and run a marketing campaign.

That’s why we decided to run the Cryptorsy Pitchsters Battle!
The Cryptorsy Pitchsters Battle stands as a beacon of opportunity for startups in the crypto and blockchain arena, offering a platform where visionary projects can shine and reap substantial rewards.

Among the enticing prizes awaiting the top contenders are exclusive conditions for funding from savvy investors, a potential game-changer for any budding enterprise. The event extends its support with up to $5,000 in marketing services, courtesy of Cryptorsy, empowering startups to gain the visibility they deserve in the competitive Web3 landscape.

The event's networking opportunities connect participants with industry titans such as Chainlink and more.

It’s time to meet our Contenders and Judges!
It was an intense competition, where the boldest Web3 startups showcased their remarkable projects.

We decided to try the following format for our Web3 event: Eight startups had 8 minutes to present themselves as the most promising Web3 projects and 7 minutes to answer questions from our Judges. Unfortunately, due to force major circumstances, One Web3 Startup and One Judge couldn’t participate, so we went on with the rest Contenders.

As a result of hard competition, the Judges chose MysticSwap with a score of 9/10 as the Winner.

But we decided that Scallop, which took the second place, deserves to be rewarded too with $2,500 for marketing services by Cryptorsy. Their outstanding concept and dedication garnered them a well-deserved score of 8/10!

Each project got detailed feedback from the Judges about every point, presented on the Cryptorsy Pitchsters Battle and they know how to fix and improve the weak points before the following events and investment rounds.
Innovation is booming in the cryptocurrency world! That is why we received a huge number of applications for our event. Our judges carefully evaluated these entries and identified the top 8 startups. These participants performed at their best and were allowed to showcase their innovative ideas.

Here they are:

  • SynergyAI: An AI-powered toolkit for DeFi, offering a single platform for trading, portfolio management, and protection against scams using advanced technology.

  • Copiosa: A crypto wallet designed to make early-stage investments safer and more accessible.

  • GPT360: A cutting-edge Web3 marketing solution powered by AI, aimed at revolutionizing marketing and community engagement in Web 3.0.

  • MetaXSeed Games: A layer 1 blockchain and gaming studio with an extensive library of mobile, web, and PC games. It seeks to create a gaming ecosystem with diverse genres, available for both Web2 and Web3.

  • StreamNFT: This platform enables liquidity through its composable protocols (e.g., P2P Rent, P2P loan, Utility) deployed across chains, facilitating value transfer and providing utility to existing NFT collections.

  • MysticSwap: An NFT P2P swapping infrastructure where users can safely trade NFTs and tokens directly with their peers.

  • Scallop: The Next Generation Money Market for the Sui Network, aiming to establish a unified platform offering lending, borrowing, trading tools, flash loans, swaps, and a bridge, with a focus on institutional-grade security and composability.

  • Inite: Focused on the intersection of mental health and creativity, Inite's AI-driven platform translates fleeting thoughts into viable, tangible concepts.
In this event, a panel of experienced judges, each a prominent figure in the Web3 world, played a crucial role in impartially evaluating the performances of all participants and selecting the best among them.

They brought a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure a fair process, showcasing the event's commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence in the Web3 space.

Our Judges:
Ammar Al-Ansi — CEO at Fractal Web3
Tony Drummond — President at Moonbound Consulting
Brad Holland — Co-Founder & CEO at 5GOATs
Vlad Svitanko — Founder & CEO at Cryptorsy
Valeriy Bukharkov — Business Architect at Tonstarter
Hugo Bettencourt — Ecosystem Growth at CV Labs
Participating in events like the Cryptorsy Pitchsters Battle is very important for startups in the crypto and blockchain realm.

Firstly, it offers a unique opportunity for the expansion of coverage. These events serve as a platform to showcase innovative projects to a different audience.

Moreover, events like Cryptorsy Pitchsters Battle serve as a magnet for potential investors. The chance to present your project in front of a panel of judges and industry experts can be a game-changer.

Additionally, these events often come with a range of bonuses and rewards. From financial grants to marketing services, startups can get valuable resources that help in their project development.

In conclusion, participating in events like Cryptorsy Pitchsters Battle is a strategic move for crypto startups. It offers expanded coverage, investor attention, and valuable prizes that can impact a project's trajectory and success in the competitive Web3 landscape.
By reviewing our Contenders we noticed some list of the weak sides, which are similar for the most of projects. And we would like to share it for you to avoid such mistakes in your own business:
The Cryptorsy Pitchsters Battle passed successfully. All the participants were glad to try themselves in such a new form. We are going to continue on this format, providing more similar events in the future.

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New formats for Web3
Battle Winner
  • Having highly inflationary tokenomics;

  • Lacking most web3 marketing mechanics, relying solely on Twitter posts;

  • Overvaluing the company with an excessively high market capitalization (mCap), which worsens the ROI;

  • Neglecting go-to-market strategies, resulting in a lack of demand for the product;

  • Demonstrating a very vague understanding of the target audience and growth-hacking strategies;

  • Building a weak community without a clear plan;

  • Failing to create compelling visual branding, contributing to the project being lost in the noise;

  • Lacking a killer message that instantly captures people's interest in the project within 15 seconds.
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