Growth of Pepe


The $PEPE coin, also known as the green frog meme, has been making waves in the web3 community, even before its launch. In just 15 days, the market cap of $PEPE reached an astounding $581M. In this article, we will take a closer look at how zero-utility projects like $PEPE can achieve such explosive growth.
Gleb Specter
5 min
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The Power of Storytelling

What brings us together is we are all love stories. It was perfectly executed in the $PEPE launch, by bringing an old green frog PEPE meme to the web3. Twitter acc just tells you a story about one simple hero, the most memeable coin in existence.

PEPE appears in different shapes, reactions, and incarnations delivering the same message “The era of DOG’s coins has over”.
Pepe Storytelling
Here we are underlining the first unspoken rule: “Be pretty much focused on the one simple message you want to deliver and execute in authentic ToF”.
Don’t forget that crypto is a hope market, so the market sentiment picks it up!
The toughest range is always from 0 to 1.
Getting first milestones and ‘success’ points.
“I believe, that you will believe $PEPE coin is a true thing that makes us richer.”
This is exactly what was needed for the crowd (99% of liquidity) to start floating.
Why the voicing of #PEPE is pretty much recognized - because it sounds like the PEPE itself.

Moreover, it’s pretty authentic, like PEPE doesn't give a fuck what you’ll think because he knows that the green candles will be. Rather you hate or love PEPE, it only gets more hype.
73,421 wallet holds $PEPE, and this proves that after pushing up mCap metrics by Market Makers and Whales — Decentralization starts to happen. It's good traction for new liquidity because everybody understands that now $PEPE isnt a fiction.
Pepe meme
Moreover, it’s pretty authentic, like PEPE doesn't give a fuck what you’ll think because he knows that the green candles will be. Rather you hate or love PEPE, it only gets more hype.

Revealing the hero

We didn’t know exactly the mission and character features back to those days in 2005 (Boy’s Club) when PEPE first appeared on the Internet. Through the hero narrative and the fight against dogs for claiming “people's memecoin” we have known PEPE better.
Pepe first appearance

Web3 Native

$PEPE coin appears to be the people’s coin forever. It super resonates with a community-driven element, that is adopting the whole world’s business models to it.

The idea is to make you feel, that you own it fully. You aint a simple observer, rather active player, that is being rewarded for dedication toward PEPE’s story.

See how brilliant PEPE sets up a bullish trend, that people like to take a part in.
Pepe meme

How did $PEPE go viral?

$PEPE's proactive Twitter game has been fundamental in its success.

Daily tweets are being published. It's all executed in an entertaining format, where content is easy to read and fun to come along with.

150K Twitter followers in just half a month of doing stuff.
For PEPE it was 10k Followers (almost in a couple of days) & first 5M of liquidity into Uniswap V3 ETH/PEPE liquidity pool.
Pepe's course
Yes, it was bootstrapped with some retweets from empty accounts, and being commented by don’t really have big accs/plot lines, but still needed in the beginning to help Twitter algorithms pick it up. And then, the crowd is just distributing it virally by seeing LIVE charts and how rapid exposure is. Every commentator, every overviewer, and every web3 enthusiast pays attention to this phenomenon and helping promote $PEPE as well.

DEX & Other Crypto Platforms listing also played a huge role in terms of popularizing PEPE for web3 fam.

The viral formula here is:
digestible content + high density + incredible pace of event stream + old school revealing + fast token launch + big idea = #PEPE success.

UGC was a key also.

User Generated Content on Twitter, Telegram Reddit, and elsewhere literally exploded, and seems folks became addicted. It was pretty on a hand for $PEPE.
Simple logic! The earlier you get here, the more you’ll have. That’s exactly how FOMO works!

Social Resonance & FOMO

What’s happening when something small starting becomes big incredibly fast?

Exactly, FOMO kicks in.

This feeling drove from $10M to $520M cap increasing for $PEPE.

Liquidity comes in

Initially $PEPE was bootstrapped with good market makers because there were no such numerous of holders and engaged crowd to tune in right away after the Uniswap V3 LP launch. They did fascinating work showing deep liquidity volumes.
Pepe's liquidity

Immidiate Token Launch

Bunch of web3 projects have died, because of late token launches. When a community is pumped, you can’t delay consciousness they buy a token & getting it from activities such as Airdrop & Ambassador programs.

$PEPE was born immediately, tokens are deployed and nothing stopped from making them tradable and volumes are coming.

It's much harder to go viral without any financial performance and showcase for a crowd, that your token really is the next big thing.

Pure Decentralization

RoadMap & Tokenomics

Full transparency here and community belonging.

Just 3 stages in RM, without any complications. Meme is launched, Starts to be a viral & trusted, Meme takeover. Brilliant.

Tokenomics remains the same simplicity — 93,1% into LP and the rest 6,9% for CEXes.
Pepe roadmap
No vest, cliffs, funding rounds, lockups, and other difficult stuff.

Website saying: $PEPE is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

There is no formal team or roadmap. The coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only.

Timing (overtaking bearish)

It was not a sudden launch being hurried up for $PEPE.

Right now we are something in-between of bear market overtaking, so this drives higher interest in everything.

We’ve witnessed how beneficial meme coins are, so $PEPE won't be an exception.
It's crucial to realize that the marketing tactics employed to launch the $PEPE coin might not work for every crypto project. But, by getting a grasp of the fundamental marketing patterns that went into creating this meme-coin sensation, we can better understand the web3 audience, and how to generate excitement in this wild, fast-paced industry.

Thanks for tuning in, folks, let's ride that Bullrun all the way to the top!
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