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Cryptorsy’s MEMECON Lounges: How It Went Down

Gleb Specter
14 min
May has been full of pre-on-chain-summer excitement both at Cryptorsy and in broader web3.

ETH ETFs approval by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) bodes well for the whole altcoin market from Ethereum to Solana, from DeFi to MemeFi titles.

Cryptorsy hosted two laid-back X Spaces dedicated to MEMECON and the projects going to this first-of-its-kind crypto conference dedicated exclusively to memecoins, the culture around them, and the various communities tokenizing their causes with the help of blockchain technology.

MEMECON was underway May 28-30 in Lisbon, Portugal.

This was how we celebrated the lead-up to this groundbreaking 3-day-long occasion in the sunny Portuguese capital.
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch

MEMECON Lounge #1: Talking the Event, Memecoin Summer & Gems Coming

Web3 Fair Launch

Gems On Board

Held on May 17, this was Cryptorsy’s inaugural MEMECON Lounge #1, where we rocked with a potent roster of dogs x cats x birds x bulls, and even some wood, hehe.

The 2024 memecoin summer is heating up to be a truly multi-chain phenomenon, evident in the projects from multiple blockchains such as Base, Arbitrum, Solana, TON, and Beam having jumped on this Space.

The total market capitalization of the memecoins present exceeded $300,000,000 at the time of hosting.

Feel the power of the meme, Rockstars.

The memeable faces included both sizable market caps and smaller gems in a bustling get-together of fun communities.
Web3 Fair Launch
Julien Padres, AKA MetaFroggy, one of the masterminds behind MEMECON was one of the key guests from the conference side alongside Cryptorsy CEO and founder Vlad Svitanko, with BITKING, a web3 KOL, helping us co-host this massive Space and sharing his ideas too.
Web3 Fair Launch
This time around, both Jax and MetaFroggy were present, the co-founders of the whole MEMECON thing.

Cryptorsy CEO and founder Vlad Svitanko was co-hosting, shouting out, and sharing his memecoin vision.

Last but never least, Fefe Demeny popped by, the host of the Crypto Banter live streaming almost 800,000 subscribers-strong YouTube channel and X community.

This Space was marked by several huge impromptu appearances, like Bonk of America and Fefe Demeny, which made it even more fun and relevant.

Let’s now dive into the key thoughts shared by those who graced the stage this time, shall we?
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
A top Base memecoin committed to bringing billions on-chain.

Toshi strives to be the premier memecoin on Base, drawing in the masses with its significant utility and industry-recognized brand.
Web3 Fair Launch
Another strong memecoin community on Base.

A community-driven memecoin launchpad and yield-farming platform.



Web3 Fair Launch
A contender for the first female Solana memecoin dog whose goal is empowering ladies in web3.


Web3 Fair Launch
A memecoin dedicated to Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko’s late dog.

Ada on Solana ($ADA)

Web3 Fair Launch
A TON memecoin launched as an homage to the creation of Pavel Durov.

Resistance Dog is a symbolic representation of free people’s fight against censorship and freedom through digital resistance.

Resistance Dog ($REDO)

Web3 Fair Launch
The 1st memecoin on the Beam network.

The coin’s mission is to elevate and amplify all things @BuildOnBeam.


Web3 Fair Launch
Simply the hardest memecoin on Arbitrum according to the devs.

Also, a trading bot.


Web3 Fair Launch
A feathered sh¡tcoin slayer.

Also, a raffle platform.


Web3 Fair Launch
‘Literally’ Dog Wif Hat’s sister.

Also an initiative deeply committed to enhancing the welfare of animals, especially cats.


Main Guest & Co-Host Figures

Key Takeaways

Metafroggy About MEMECON

In part 1 of the Space, we asked MetaFroggy all about his vision for the memecoin market, his background, and the idea behind the conference.

Having taken place in Lisbon, the unprecedented MEMECON event aims to bring together enthusiasts and creators of memecoins.

MetaFroggy emphasized the growing importance of memecoins and their communities, highlighting that MEMECON will be a platform to celebrate and expand this dynamic sector​​.

$BONER’s Risqué Utility

Lambo, one of the chief $BONER peepees, revealed some intriguing alpha about the team’s plan for the token utility to be tipping web3 sex workers, adding a spicy twist to their marketing strategy.

FOMO BULL CLUB Community & Their Launchpad

Mr. Dude from FOMO Bull Club presented their memecoin and launchpad, emphasizing their commitment to anti-rug pull initiatives and the readiness of their first projects, FKUSD and $DUMP TOKEN, for launch.

Are Memecoins RWAs?

The concept of memecoins actually being a type of tokenized real-world assets was introduced by the host Galimian, sparking a wave of cheer-on reactions from the folks on the stage and comments on the legitimacy of the tokens in the broader financial ecosystem.

MetaFroggy's Early Alpha

MetaFroggy shared some exciting developments for MEMECON:

$USEDCAR: Gently Used 2001 Honda Civic Adventure

A used Honda Civic, adorned with stickers from various memecoin communities, was driven from the UK to Portugal by Harry, its owner, and the guy behind the car’s token, $USEDCAR, which effectively tokenized everything that happened to the Honda in the lead-up, at, and will happen to it after the event.

The hood skating and sharpie+sticker putting session at MEMECON only gave the Civic more lore.

Confession Booth

MetaFroggy joked that MEMECON was going to have a full-blown confession booth on site, where attendees could share their crypto confessions.

The arrangement was well-received by the stage and the audience and sparked off a series of quips. A must-have for degens, huh?

And that’s exactly what ended up happening.
Web3 Fair Launch

Showing Up to Rep

Lounge #1 showcased a diverse group of memecoin BUIDLers, each sharing updates and plans for their projects.

Each speaker highlighted the unique aspects and community efforts behind their respective initiatives, reinforcing the collaborative and disruptive nature of the memecoin space.

Simply put, we got mildly pre-rekt and just vibed.

MEMECON Pre-Party #2: Final Alpha Before Groundbreaking Meme Conference

Web3 Fair Launch
Held on May 24, exactly one week later at the same time, this was our pre-party experience-capping MEMECON Lounge #2.

We welcomed both Lounge #1 frens as well as spotlighted more memecoin projects heading to the conference for another FOMO-inducing squad of dogs x cats x talking heads x crips x chads, and more.

Ever closer to the actual event, this was the time when Gary Gensler’s SEC gave in and went ahead to approve a batch of Ethereum ETFs in a U-turn move, beefing up BlackRock’s ETF approval streak.

$PEPE just hammered home a new ATH, and Kabosu, the legendary Shiba Inu that inspired the OG dog memecoin, $DOGE, sadly passed.

What a flurry of every sort of event to have in the run-up to both Lounge #2 and later MEMECON itself, ladies and gents.

Lounge #2 Squad

Web3 Fair Launch
A memecoin with an ‘incredible’ AI Raid Rewards Bot.

Their ATM Raid Bot is Solana's first get-paid-to-raid bot and engage-to-earn platform that builds around other communities.
Web3 Fair Launch
The host of ‘da most populr podcust in de wrld’.

Bonk of America ($BONKFA)

Ju Rugan ($JU)

Web3 Fair Launch
Fights the globalists.

Alux Jownes ($JOWNES)

Web3 Fair Launch
The creator of the world’s most powerful mock interviews.

The ticker is $tooker.

tooker kurlson ($tooker)

Web3 Fair Launch
The Giga Chad meme on Solana, the big one.


Web3 Fair Launch
The 1st memecoin on the Beam network.

The coin’s mission is to elevate and amplify all things @BuildOnBeam.


Web3 Fair Launch
The community that collectively owns the iconic Doge meme via its token.

Own the Doge ($DOG)

Web3 Fair Launch
The first ERC404 PFP on the Base blockchain.

Also, a memecoin designed to incentivize MYSTCL holders.


Web3 Fair Launch
A burgeoning community of based $CRIPS, which is a movement aiming to shake up the crypto world and leave their mark on the Base network.

Crips on Base ($CRIPS)

Main Guest & Co-Host Figures

Final Pre-Party Highlights

Web3 Fair Launch
Vlad was hyped about Lisbon, enjoying outdoor workouts already, and waiting for the memecoin enthusiasts to flex their projects.

He gave props to the meme coin community for being quick to act and engaged.

Vlad thinks that, with all due respect, sometimes memecoins are just way more fun than fundamental tech projects and predicts that memecoins will soon turn into an even bigger market, especially with the upcoming US elections.

Vlad emphasized unity, not competition, among memecoin projects, pushing for synchronized efforts to boost the meme coin narrative.

The Cryptorsy CEO announced an incentive campaign for community engagement, hyping the perfect environment for memecoins to thrive.

It's all about getting wrecked and spreading the meme coin madness as far as possible​​.

Vlad Svitanko - Cryptorsy Chief

Web3 Fair Launch

Jax & MetaFroggy - MEMECON Co-Founders

The founding team was super hyped about finally getting MEMECON underway.

Jax shared that the idea came from a casual chat just four months ago, and now it was happening thanks to some hardcore hustle and Telegram raids​​.

Jax and MetaFroggy mentioned that Kabosu’s unfortunate passing would be commemorated at the event with the help of the Harambe community and that the guys are bringing in a top Lisbon artist to do a live painting that would be auctioned off with the proceeds donated to a dog shelter.

MetaFroggy was also hyped about the community stepping up, mentioning folks from the FOMO magazine putting together dope side events​​.

Both think it's bull run time for memecoins and are excited to see the community blow up and have fun​​.
Web3 Fair Launch

Fefe Demeny - Crypto Banter Host

Fefe was buzzing about the event, not entirely knowing what would occur, but in a very good way.

Token2049 was massive in his opinion, but the excitement for MEMECON was unparalleled.

Stay tuned for Fefe’s vlog, which he announced he would be doing about the conference.
Web3 Fair Launch

Bonk of America ($BONKFA)

The Bonk of America rep was all about bringing the fire to MEMECON.

He announced they’d be proudly representing their AI raid and rewards products.
Web3 Fair Launch

Alux Jownes ($JOWNES)

The Alux Jownes speaker highlighted the integration of humor and political commentary in their content, shouting out the Ju Rugan rep.

The team has got a cartoon going on featuring Alux Jownes traveling through different dimensions fighting evil globalists flying and a shooter, Fortnite kind of game with a racing aspect.
Web3 Fair Launch

tooker kurlson ($tooker)

The $tooker guy shared that he sees elections as prime meme material, with endless jokes and content from political figures.

Humor is key, and memecoins could sway real-world events.

The upcoming US election is going to be wild and perfect for meme coin hype​​, per $tooker.
Web3 Fair Launch

$GIGA Chad’s PhantomBP

PhantomBP discussed GIGA Chad's focus on becoming a significant player in the memecoin market. He mentioned the project's strategic efforts to onboard normies and expand its reach beyond the typical crypto audience.
Web3 Fair Launch

Own the Doge’s Smoke

Smoke spoke about the cultural impact of Doge and how their project aims to leverage this legacy to foster a strong and supportive community.
Web3 Fair Launch
Omega from MYSTCL was so hyped about MEMECON that he even joined the call from the middle of a field due to no internet at home yet after moving.

He announced the launch of their $M token.
Web3 Fair Launch
Robin shared that they might as well have been the smallest market cap at the conference, making them unique in some way because of that.

They previously hit an ATH of $645K.

Robin mentioned that $CRIPS was backed by some big names like Moon Daddy and even BitBoy.

Conclusion: Choose R… Rekt!

The 2024 memecoin summer promises to be like never before, and the first-ever memecoin event taking place right on the cusp of June is the best testament to that.

With OG memes hitting ATHs one by one, and new exciting community initiatives getting tokenized (beware shitcoins though, they aren’t going away anytime soon), make sure you keep your finger on the pulse of the market with us at Cryptorsy to preempt any FOMO.

MEMECON is the perfect opportunity to set this summer and beyond for a huge win for memecoin communities many of whom end up sticking around for a long time because the cause resonates with others who go ahead and stakehold in it via the token.

The alpha here: real-world communities are getting tokenized.

Stay rekt.

Hyped to Pursue Your Own Cause with a Memecoin?

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Also, leave pumping and dumping to sh*tcoins.

Making your narrative viral, onboarding enthusiastic investors, and galvanizing them to buidl alongside you - that’s where the real challenge lies.

Tap into a team of web3 growth experts, early meta detectors, and narrative crafters which Cryptorsy is to rock the space!
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