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How to Create Your Own Meme Coin

Gleb Specter
14 min
Crypto market is going crazy today as memecoins shoot up in value, making projects worth billions in just hours. Everyone's jumping in to cash in on the excitement.

We want you to understand why meme coins have value. It's not just about being fun or amusing gifts, pictures, or videos.

You should realize that in the web3 world, there's a unique way to monetize meme coins on the blockchain. If you want to remember a moment from the past, you'd want to put it on the blockchain. This creates a great opportunity to monetize these newly named meme coins. We have PEPE, DOGE, SHIBA, and many old meme coins contributing to this big culture of pop coins and memes.

Right now, new meme coins like BOME, PENG, SNAP, and similar, are launching using the initial fair launch model. They just raise funds from random people. They give out the contract address, and many people send money to those addresses. This is wild because it only happens during a bull market. People are basically putting a lot of value into random wallet addresses, hoping to get something back. It's crazy.
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
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So, what's the difference with this type of tokens?

In our world today, attention is a valuable currency. The better you are at capturing and retaining attention, the greater your potential for monetization. So, mastering this skill essentially becomes the cornerstone of any successful business model.

Now, when it comes to memecoins, despite some skepticism, it's essential to grasp their significance in today's landscape. Memecoins have surged in popularity, sparking massive gains for some and causing others to regret not jumping on the bandwagon sooner.

The allure of memecoins lies in their ability to capture attention in a more relaxed, entertaining manner compared to traditional cryptocurrencies. This lighter approach makes them more accessible and appealing to a broader audience, drawing in both seasoned investors and newcomers alike.

From an investment perspective, memecoins often boast a large supply, resulting in a low individual token price. This affordability, coupled with the potential for substantial returns, makes them an attractive investment option for many.

In the realm of meme culture, brands are increasingly embracing this playful and engaging space, eager to be part of the conversation. Web3 technology offers a fertile ground for monetizing meme culture, providing ample opportunities for those willing to seize them.

Before proceeding, it's crucial to establish a clear launch strategy and fully comprehend all the necessary steps involved.

Blockchain For Your Project


Once you've identified the blockchain that fits your memecoin project's needs, it's time to focus on the concept. Why? Because a captivating concept is key. It needs to grab attention instantly, be humorous, and easily understandable.
What's the fair format, you ask? It's about launching your project without all the hassle—no lengthy processes, complicated schedules, private investments, or other bureaucratic hurdles. When launching a project, you might feel trapped in traditional methods. But with meme coins, you can launch for as little as 10k or 20k, maybe even just 1k if you've got a development and marketing team and don't mind about liquidity.

To boost liquidity, you might consider a pre-sale model, where influencers and newly minted Twitter accounts toss their contract address into Solana or Base. Some wallets may see little liquidity, but the fact remains: you've got strangers on Twitter eager to contribute. The common setup typically allocates 50% for the pre-sale, with founders getting a share for their honest startup efforts.

After pooling liquidity and tying it to a tax pool, you'll allocate funds for team, marketing, and other essentials. Then, it's all about building a web community post-pre-sale. This creates momentum without the need for hefty investments. With liquidity secured, you can connect it to a DEX pool and native token—simple as that.

And that's what we love about Web3—it opens up possibilities you've never dreamed of.

Fair Format

After launching, or even simultaneously with the launch, you need to focus on web3 marketing. This involves reaching out through KOLs, cross-promotions, community engagement on platforms like Telegram or Discord, and spreading the word about your project. As your concept gains traction and your communication resonates with people, momentum builds up. KOLs and user-generated content within your community keep the project alive and growing.

The most effective marketing tool for meme coin projects is the price itself. A higher price attracts more attention and promotes your project organically.

Identifying factors and tools that influence the price is crucial. This includes a lot of announcements, community boosting, skilled team members, chart analysis, expansion into new communities, targeted user content, and other strategies. These elements work together to amplify the project's growth in a short time frame.

And one of the most crucial steps in token price growth is:
Firstly, you select a relevant blockchain, your home base, right? Currently, we're seeing a lot of money flowing into Solana. Why is that happening?

It's because of the straightforward and cost-effective transactions. Traders appreciate not having to spend exorbitant amounts just to exchange tokens.

Meanwhile, crypto traders are increasingly drawn to the Base blockchain, driven by a surge in activity and locked funds triggered by a meme coin frenzy. Developed by Coinbase on OP Stack, Base has experienced a significant rise in transactions, addresses, and locked funds. This trend suggests that it could potentially become the preferred network for new retail users, especially with direct access from Coinbase.
Think of ideas like "Monkeys Making Mayonnaise" or "Frogs Jumping Over Stains." It has to be something memorable and appealing.

There are two ways to create a sticky concept:
Web3 Fair Launch
1. Draw from the past: Utilize old memes and internet trends that people already recognize and love. By putting them on the blockchain, you can monetize them in a new way.

2. Brainstorm and test: Get your team together for brainstorming sessions. Discuss ideas, test them out, and gather feedback from potential users, friends, and family. Through this process, you'll find concepts that truly stick.

Understanding the essence of a successful memecoin launch is crucial. Keep in mind that simplicity is key to navigating your memecoin journey effectively. Memecoins thrive on humanity, embracing straightforward concepts launched in….

What comes next?

Listings on top CEXes

Web3 Fair Launch
This is undeniably one of the most critical stages in your memecoin's development. It's crucial to plan and prepare for listings on top exchanges. Once accomplished, live traffic and actual trading volumes will skyrocket. This phase demonstrates the credibility of your project and draws in a significant influx of new community members.

However, this stage isn't without its challenges and demands thorough preparation: top-notch collaboration with a market maker, effective marketing strategies, and more.

Let's delve deeper into how projects utilized these steps during their launches.

$1B Market Cap for 36 hours. How is this possible?


Web3 Fair Launch
Book of Meme - a groundbreaking project merging memes, decentralized storage, and crypto trading. This initiative aims to capture the dynamic meme culture in a digital compendium on the blockchain.
Here's how it all started: A well-known NFT enthusiast and art producer, @Darkfarms1, made an announcement about the launching of BOME.

He shared his SOL wallet and collected funds. These funds were divided, with 50% going into LP and the remaining tokens distributed to resellers.
Web3 Fair Launch
Remarkably, significant sums were invested within just a few hours of the announcement:
Web3 Fair Launch
Why and where did the project's investors and interested parties come from? Firstly, a significant portion hailed from the audience of Darkfarms1, which had already amassed tens of thousands of active community members by the time of the project's launch.

Secondly, smaller influencers and the broader community of memecoin enthusiasts began to shill the project, generating buzz around it.

And crucially, on the day of the launch, listing announcements will be simultaneously released on the leading crypto exchanges.

Pack was really huge: Binance, Bybit, Kucoin, BingX,, and many more.
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
Immediately after these announcements, the project's performance skyrocketed, reaching unprecedented levels.

The results in the first two days of launch were remarkable, reaching a $1.4 billion market cap.
Web3 Fair Launch


Web3 Fair Launch
The journey to getting listed on the top CEXs for all meme coins follows a similar path. In the case of the PENG project, the beginning was swift and deliberate. On March 7, a new meme coin was introduced, with a strategy to differentiate itself from others by explicitly stating, "I am not PePe.”

What is PENG?

Peng, the icy addition to the Solana blockchain! This small yet mighty penguin, with a hint of Pepe the Frog, brings a fresh breeze of creativity to the degen world of Solana. As the newest and freshest meme token, Peng is here to spice things up. Join in bringing warmth and gathering liquidity to the frosty Solana chain.
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
One approach to foster community engagement and distribute user-generated content on Twitter was by developing an avatar generator on the PENG website.

However, it didn't yield exceptional results compared to other strategies.
So, what occurs post-launch? Continuous announcements from the project, intriguing tweets every hour, and surprising news about listings and partnerships.
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch


In the end, what's the formula for a successful token launch?

  • Opt for a bullish blockchain (like Solana).
  • Develop a compelling concept.
  • Create an engaging character and choose a relevant token ticker.
  • Leverage KOLs, user-generated content, and valuable advisors.
  • Partner with top market makers.
  • Secure listings on top CEXes.

Are you interested in creating your own memecoin that will make the entire crypto community buzz? Let's do it together. Let's launch a new PEPE coin or BOME right now!
Within 6 hours of launch, the project reached a $10 million market cap, and the number of holders reached 20,000. As mentioned in previous steps, PENG actively employed content marketing, Twitter Spaces, and user-generated content.

Additionally, the team began utilizing well-known airdrop methods, collaborating with other top projects, and distributing rewards during AMA sessions starting from $1,000.
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch

KOLs and UGC content

A large number of Key Opinion Leaders were engaged in the project. This included both highly authoritative influencers and smaller, newer accounts. While the quality varied, the quantity was significant, and the project was mentioned not just once, but in 2-3 or more publications.

By the March 10th, there were already about 19.4k posts about PENG.
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
And that is one of the most crucial aspects before and during listings: working with a market maker.

In the case of Peng and many other memecoins, the market maker is Gotbit. The partnership with them was announced on the first day of the launch.
Web3 Fair Launch

Final Stage

After successfully completing all the steps and even during them, listings on the top exchanges gradually occurred. This led to an even greater surge in the project. After each listing, the token's graph experienced a significant upward spike.
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
Web3 Fair Launch
It's important to note that top representatives and influencers of the Web3 industry were active on these Twitter Spaces. Famous NFT collectors, founders, and even the founder Pepe himself were involved.
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