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Best Strategies To Grow X (Twitter) Account In 2024

Gleb Specter
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Optimize your Profile

As of February 2024, the X platform (formerly Twitter) boasts approximately 335 million registered users, solidifying its status as a global social media powerhouse.

In the realm of web3 technology, Twitter plays a pivotal role. It serves as a hub for news, updates, and valuable insights, with top projects cultivating their communities here. Consequently, establishing a strong presence on Twitter is crucial for success.

However, mere expression of thoughts won't suffice; a clear plan and understanding of the platform's algorithms are essential for success.

Let's delve into the key steps required to amass the first 10 thousand followers and foster daily engagement from them.
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Craft Your Bio

Your Twitter profile plays a significant role in your account. It serves as the initial checkpoint for most users before they decide to follow you.

Therefore, prioritize optimizing your profile from the very beginning.

When someone lands on your profile, the first things they notice are your cover photo and profile picture. If these elements are relevant and engaging, users are more likely to explore further.
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In a crowded marketplace, it's no longer sufficient to merely identify as an NFT market or a DeFi platform. To stand out, your bio should encapsulate your unique positioning in a concise and compelling manner.
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Profile Link

Ensure your profile link directs users to a comprehensive link tree, where you can include essential links such as your website, blog, social media profiles, and technical documentation. Avoid using shortened URLs that may appear suspicious and deter potential followers.

Utilize Pinned Posts

While often overlooked, a pinned post can leave a lasting impression on visitors. It's the first thing users see after reading your bio, so make it count by highlighting something significant happening in your project. A well-crafted pinned post can effectively hook users and draw them into your content.

After your profile, the content itself grabs attention.

Develop a Content Plan

Start by creating a content plan for the upcoming week. While it takes effort, this investment saves you time and stress. Your content calendar not only organizes posts but also aligns content across platforms, helping you identify gaps and resolve conflicts.
Create weekly sections in your plan, such as project updates, audience reports, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Fearlessly share your progress, showcasing what works and what doesn't. This transparency attracts an audience interested in your journey.
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Incorporate Visuals

Research shows that the brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text, improving retention rates. Visual content stops scrolling and grabs attention, improves engagement. Add visuals that resonate with your brand to create a compelling identity.

Images quickly convey messages, while GIFs and videos capture attention with movement and storytelling. Algorithm X favors visual content, enhancing tweet visibility.

Leverage Twitter Classics

There are tweet formats native to the Twitter platform, particularly popular in the web3 community, such as memes and GM tweets.
Creating humorous and sarcastic memes is crucial for expanding your content's reach on Twitter. Web3 is a place where memes are highly valued unlike any other corner of the Internet. Feel free to incorporate sarcastic comments or inside jokes into your tweets whenever appropriate.
As for "GM," it's a prevalent trend in web3, standing for "good morning." By observing top crypto projects or influencers, you'll notice how frequently they use GM tweets. Take a few minutes to engage with others, and don't forget to leverage this trend by adding a meme, GIF, photo, or quote. Engaging your audience with such content will yield positive results.
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Mix Formats

Today's audience craves variety. Regular content isn't enough; you must diversify formats. Publish videos, use images or GIFs, and conduct polls to keep users engaged.

Maximize hashtag usage

Hashtags boost SEO and visibility in the web3 community. Research keywords your audience uses and incorporate relevant hashtags to join conversations. With the right NFT hashtags, your tweets will gain traction. But, keep hashtags limited to 3-4 per tweet.
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Where Can You Find New Traffic for Your X Account?

Twitter Spaces

Hosting Twitter Spaces from time to time is a great way to get worldwide organic traffic on Twitter. Twitter Space is a live audio conversation on Twitter. By inviting other projects with large reach and a high-quality audience to this conversation, you will get a boost to your own account and share your audience with the invited projects. Be sure to make announcements on all your platforms before planning a Twitter space.
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Engage with Others

X is a collaborative platform where interacting with other users' content demonstrates appreciation for their ideas and positions you as an active participant in the conversation.

Replying to tweets, retweeting, and liking are simple yet effective ways to engage with others. Thoughtful engagement expands your reach and enhances your value within the X community.

Retweeting content that resonates with your brand or values can boost visibility.

Mastering the art of attracting other people's tweets can help you gain more followers on X.

Web3 KOLs

It's an additional avenue to promote your project. Web3 KOLs wield significant influence over the behavior of web3 enthusiasts. However, before fully committing, ensure you research thoroughly to verify if the influencer aligns with your target audience. Be cautious of signs like artificially boosted engagement.

Avoid investing in influencers who aren't genuine. Also, keep in mind that launching a successful PR campaign doesn't have to be expensive. In the early stages, consider collaborating with budget-friendly influencers.

Special Events

Engage and reward your Twitter audience. We'll illustrate with our experience how we garnered significant engagement by launching a Zealy campaign tied to the panel discussion mentioned earlier.
Our approach involved organizing a quick sprint, engaging panel discussion speakers, and setting up a reward pool for the audience. This decision yielded positive outcomes, as people's interest and support for major projects contributed to achieving 30k views and approximately 100 comments.

Therefore, events of this type will undoubtedly bring you new traffic and interested people, as proven by experience.
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Twitter Analytics

Harnessing the power of Twitter Analytics is crucial for understanding your audience and tailoring marketing strategies. Analyzing content performance and key metrics provides valuable insights for refining social media strategies.

Analyzing your content weekly helps identify what engages your audience most and when they're most active online. Focusing on key Twitter metrics aligns with business objectives and promotes effective brand promotion.

X Special Features

The last thing you'll definitely need is to purchase X Premium. Even the most affordable package offers numerous benefits, such as text formatting, tweet editing, reduced ads, and much more.

Twitter ads can also be an effective method for driving new traffic. Develop engaging ad campaigns that resonate with your target audience and align with your growth objectives.


Together, we've explored how to optimize your Twitter profile for attracting new traffic. While we've covered many strategies here, we acknowledge that there are more possibilities beyond what we've discussed. We also recognize that not everyone may have the resources or time to implement these strategies effectively.

That's where our services come in. Partner with our team, and let's boost your Twitter account together.
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Traffic can also be obtained by visiting Twitter spaces of other web3 projects. You can join the dialogues and attract more audience to you.

Hosting regular high-quality AMA sessions or panel discussions featuring top projects is guaranteed to yield positive results. Take, for instance, the significant reach achieved through our recent announcement of a panel discussion on RWA tokenization.
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