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The Best Web3 Marketing Trends for 2024

Vlad Svitanko
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Sustainable business models

Education layer

Fair Launch

A new concept of airdrops

AI & Web3 Marketing

Change is the only constant, and the same goes for the web3 landscape. It's becoming more structured, breaking down into distinct building blocks.

Now, let's talk 2024 – the year of green. This is when the Bitcoin halving is expected to shake up the crypto world, so get ready for some shifts.

In the world of crypto, cycles are like a rollercoaster. After a long bear market, 2024 promises the first bullish cycle.

So, what are the web3 marketing trends that will help you ride this wave in 2024?

Buckle up, and let's explore the strategies that will keep you ahead in the crypto game.
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We've observed cases where the projects allocated 80% from tokenomics on Lamburgini, parties, and luxuries for founder, 19% to friends, and a mere 1% to development. This approach is clearly unsustainable.
Define your promotion goals
Learn to earn system
Web3 Fair Launch
A fresh take on airdrop strategies
How will AI affect web3 marketing
Let's dive into the business models of web3 projects, especially how they scale their operations. Timing is crucial in web3 marketing, but even the best timing won't save a project without a healthy unit economy and a clear business model. It's all about the foundation.

Here's the deal: in the next bull market, low-quality projects will have a tough time. Sure, there will be a FOMO effect and lots of crypto enthusiasts jumping in, but the market structure, rules, and laws will keep evolving.

Expect more restrictions for web3 casinos and gambling projects, but on the flip side, there will be exciting new opportunities for high-quality products.
Web3 education is a growing trend in the crypto world, and it's not slowing down. The projects that stand out are the ones that excel at solving user problems. They offer comprehensive guides, articles, and instructions for their product and web3 tech in general.

The real winners are those who provide high-quality video tutorials and educational content that's both informative and fun. Let's face it, DeFi and Web3 can be pretty complex. The goal here is to reduce the number of crypto hamsters and enhance the overall crypto space. It's a collective effort from various projects with this mission in mind.
Many projects allocate a significant portion of their liquidity to whales, venture investors, and funds. The result?

The outcome is unfortunate for these projects, as the VCs exhaust all liquidity, leaving them unable to purchase their own tokens from the market.

In simple terms, a Fair Launch is the launch where your community takes the role of the initial investors in your startup. They provide the project with liquidity, effectively rendering it truly decentralized.

With a fair launch, you skip various stages like seed and private rounds, diving straight into the public round. This is where the community invests and provides the most support.

A fair launch can result in a substantial increase, from 3 to 30 times, in the initial founders' contribution, which can be used for further product development.
Influencer example
Projects are beginning to explore new approaches to airdrops. Those campaigns that simply generate a lot of buzz are no longer captivating, often leading to the project's eventual disappearance.

Airdrops nowadays demand greater engagement. Participants are expected to actively participate within the project's ecosystem. In general, airdrops are now typically associated with more mature projects.

A standout example is Blur, which did one of the biggest airdrops in crypto history. They gave tokens to 125,000 people, totaling 360 million tokens. On average, each person got around $3,000.

They made it a success by breaking it into phases, each with its own rules and token values. They had a good plan, and it got people excited.

If you want more details, read our article about Blur.
AI and machine learning have wrought a seismic shift in the digital marketing landscape. These technologies offer an astonishing array of capabilities to explore, from diverse content formats to the deployment of engaging chatbots, effectively breathing fresh life into your web3 marketing strategies. As we look ahead to 2024, we can anticipate even greater integration of AI and ML tools into the web3 marketing realm.

AI algorithms are poised to transform how we handle vast amounts of data and forecast user behavior. Predictive analytics has rapidly evolved into a pivotal tool within a marketer's toolkit, empowering us to gain deeper insights into our audience's preferences and behaviors. As we venture into the future of AI-driven marketing, it becomes evident that predictive analytics will continue to play a pivotal role in ensuring our ongoing success.
Ideally, such a system should be designed as "learn to earn," actively motivating people to engage in learning and rewarding their achievements.

Take Trust Wallet, for instance. They recently kicked off a cool campaign that's all about 'learn & earn.' They posted a tweet the other day, announcing a quest where you can snag some ARB tokens for showing off your smarts. It's like getting paid to learn – what's not to love about that?"
Therefore, the higher the percentage of tokens distributed to the community, the more committed and supportive it tends to be.
After a fair launch, you can involve VCs, but they’ll receive smaller allocations. This is possible because trust and liquidity concerns have already been resolved.

The most famous fair launch example is Bitcoin.
Miners get new Bitcoin to help out with the network. The founders didn't hoard coins before the launch. Though back then, the crowd was pretty small.
The biggest crypto airdrop

Content Marketing

This is one of the crucial aspects of Web3 marketing, offering a great opportunity to capture attention. Attention, in turn, is the primary currency in the Web3 realm, as it fosters community building.

When we mention content marketing, we refer to the consistent management of all our social platforms, maintaining regular blog posts, and distributing content across various platforms.

The utmost importance lies in staying relevant and current. For instance, short videos on platforms like TikTok and Instagram hold significant relevance in the present moment.

Short-form videos, like those on Instagram Reels and TikTok, are winning the attention game, especially with Millennials and Gen Z. Video marketing, in general, remains a top communication channel and, interestingly, videos keep getting shorter each year.
Make your project viral

Integration Web2 companies in Web3 space

SEO [Search Engine Optimization]

As we've seen in the past, the trend of established Web3 brands venturing into the crypto space is gaining increasing momentum. A notable case in point is the intriguing foray of Nike into this trend.
In the Web3 marketing space, staying visible is a formidable challenge. As we step into 2024, one trend stands out as a linchpin for success – SEO.

In an ecosystem teeming with decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, finding your place is vital. SEO ensures your Web3 project doesn't merely exist but thrives. It involves identifying high-impact keywords, fine-tuning on-page elements, crafting engaging content, and building authoritative backlinks.
Nike integration in web3
Customers can have a digital twin of their physical shoes, trade them, and even unlock exclusive experiences. It's not just shopping; it's an adventure!

In Conclusion

Hey, crypto entrepreneurs, it's time to tune in to the vibes of 2024! We've got a sneak peek at some trends, but remember, there's a whole world of possibilities out there.
We're here to help you understand how these trends will influence your project. Let's tackle this journey together.
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