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Hey guys, Cryptorsy here again

Today we’re diving deep into one of your favorite topics; the marketing breakdown of a very famous Crypto brand. And we’ll be analyzing how they got to their current peak and what we all can coin out from their journey.

So, let’s start with what they are doing in the market and what fundamental technology stands behind was founded in 2016 with the mission and vision of accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. Their essential products include the following;
  • Wallet & Card App, an online platform to buy, sell, and pay with crypto
  • MCO Visa Card, a metal card with no annual fees, and
  • Chain, which reportedly enables users to pay and get paid in crypto anywhere, for free.

A tasty nugget, isn’t it? Let’s clarify how they've made this performance reach the TOP of the crypto world.


Positioning. The team behind, in my opinion, is brilliant. They identify their audiences and strive daily to satisfy their audience’s needs. They put in the central angle words; FASTEST and SECURE crypto place to buy and sell crypto.

Also, note their product is only for those who want to protect their money with the accessible, seamless, and quickest crypto management app. Remember that crypto is a vast market with many segments, so it’s essential to choose what works for you and build a relationship with them.

Branding and naming.
This is a massive part of the marketing game because you have to create a recognizable picture that everyone can detect amidst thousands of others. And from what we see at, we must admit they built a perfect UI/UX design. Every banner, creative post, and other content-marketing materials are in the personal style, which helps them grow brand awareness.

Also, the brand name - is a game changer because only God knows how many leads they have from simple organic searches. Most crypto builders devalued the importance of picking the right brand name (which will be your joker in the pocket).

Creating products, that build bridges between digital and real world.

Listen, it’s all about the ecosystem there. If you’re one of the best crypto CEX & Wallet, you may think about how to make your customers' lives better by helping them convert cryptocurrency into authentic goods and services.

And guess what? They ensured 2 points of entry in their ecosystem:
  1. If you’re a trader/holder/investor or whomever, you may enter as the smoothest CEX, and if you satisfy the results, you can get there;
  2. If you are a crypto enthusiast looking for cash out in the real world, you may enter the ecosystem as a card opener.
These guys built a perfect financial ecosystem for everybody in the web3 line and connected it with the real world.

What more could you possibly need?!

Excellent referral systems.
What makes products a part of your life and representatives of an entire era? Yes, you are right - the crowd. The whole crypto marketing game bounces around referrals because you’d probably believe a friend more than an advertisement. But how does one launch the perfect word of mouth? Yes again! With referrals!

In our opinion, is one of the best examples of how to work with referral systems and ensure tremendous campaign results. Who would skip a $2K referral bonus for inviting their friend? No way! Even my grandma would invite all her friends there all night long!

(If you want, we can break down all their referrals and make content. Just let us know if you're going to get this.)

Digital traffic and brand appearance with non-turned down offers.
These guys have an excellent traffic team, which launches perfect traffic systems that may touch each person twice, five times, or even 20 times in a row for 1-2-3 weeks. And you must know that remarketing and additional touches ensure results in the middle of the funnel because you’ll probably get nothing from just one simple touch.

Extra part. are even launching ads campaign up to the events, and give a pleasurable gifts from simple registration in their app. Excellent, isn’t it?

You can look at the proposal on the creative - they open the bridges to buy the most desirable NFT, CRYPTO, and other items by using the ecosystem. Fascinating!

The average volume for the website is enormous! Of course, that’s due to their re-marketing strategy and working with the data and cookie of each connection they made through the digital channels.

Collabs with big sharks.
You can’t even imagine what a big impact these collabs made on the rising trust level for Remembers we’ve told you about the main goal and high priority of your marketing game is to help your customers believe you and use your products without any doubts.

What we have there?

I think this part we can skip commenting; you got everything we put here. Except for a straightforward question for you: what do you think? How much money can Conor McGregor bring you while entering the octagon in the trunks with the brand name Still open questions.

Instead of the partly whole industry while making a collaboration with Influencers, just buying 1shill post on Twitter which was miswritten, and influencers have no trusted audience. Then, after the collab, when the brand faces a lack of results, awful disappointments surface, and there is no chance they’ll make any co-op in the future.

I hope you can see it from a different angle.

7. Twitter Game.
Thank God you can see the importance of our words in the marketing game of big brands like They always:

  • Interact with the audience with different topics for discussion
  • Have massive engagement inside their reads because they usually open the conversation in the comments
  • Use viral and entertainment content, not only tied to the crypto, but funny or essential news/updates/overviews. These bring them new audience members, who start a journey of getting acquainted with
  • Ensure other types of content are posted: live, memes, short videos, plain text, recommendations, announcements, events overview, etc.

Just keeping that in mind, you can ensure more results using one single placement - Twitter.

UGS. User Generated Content.

Regarding the marketing game, we’ve always told you how content marketing is a huge opportunity because the internet still lacks the most needed content. This content helps us make the whole world mass-adopted with crypto.

But goes further with that. They strive to speak with their community members in the words OF their community members. Do you know what I mean? is using its platform to publish content FOR its users, to share with a whole army of followers. And guess what? It calls for more trust compared to that boring brand-speaking style.

Our future is in the hands-on UGS, and the big thing is to hack this growth point for you ASAP.

Bunch of the different activities inside the community.

You can observe how masterfully works in the community to ensure a high level of retention and conversions from that channel.

They run a lot of different content types, from AMA to FAQ, LIVE to competitions with pool rewards, and many others.

You should know that community has to be improved with community activities and other types of related services. Also, you can’t do without the smart community-driven strategy of involving new, fresh members by converting older ones to your fans, clients, and whomever else.

We’ve written tons of content related to community building & development, and you can jump on them and grab a couple of techniques to improve yours.

Conclusion. Due to its strong marketing game, is currently at the top of the crypto market. We’ve broken the most significant pieces of their marketing strategy puzzle, and now, you understand how it works in such a big brand.

If you’d love to create your own Rock Star marketing game in the crypto space — you’re in the right place, and the Cryptorsy shuttle is always ready to pick you up!

See you at the top!