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How to become a rockstar in crypto/NFT?🤩

How to become a rockstar in crypto/NFT?🤩

We like your questions and diving deep into them 🙂
If you already made a powerful product (believed), let’s take a look at key indicators of projects who became rockstars.


You have to engage the audience, mixed up content types, and rotate: text, audio, video, and images. All the things that happen in your community must be strategically correct. By the word, do you already have a community content strategic funnel? Let's start with 3 educational letters, 2 company life letters, and 1 sales letter. After, we help you execute next-level shit.

2️⃣Solid traffic systems.

Combine funnels: short, middle, and long-range distance. One part takes with Twitter/Instagram ads, the other parts are with SEO organic traffic, and the next part is from PR & Influencers. But, remember that in crypto/NFT spaces direct funnels work well not always.


After loooong analysis, we precisely documented that Rockstar brands in our industry package themselves well. Websites, logos, creatives, merch and they provide excellent UX. If your brand package looks like a schoolboy, the audience can decide that's a SCUM project, no way I join them.

See you guys soon, if you want to know everything about successful marketing stuff in crypto/NFT - follow us.