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💸Why do some projects cost $ billions while others nothing?

💸Why do some projects cost $ billions while others nothing?

In short, because that's the way the world works.But let us explain more deeper.

The project's future success depends directly on how strong the market believes in you. Very simple. All the stocks go up when the market approves their value and more players want to buy some of them. On the other hand, stock shares go down when the market volume falls together with the interest in the company.

☝🏻But what is the way to significantly increase a project's cost and become a rockstar? Product, it’s basically. But what's the product - this is a team + strategy + strong owners and brilliant execution. Sales? Of course, but without any strategy and leads to whom to sell? Okay, give you a hint: word starts with M.

💎Marketing. Exactly! Only marketing can show your product to the world and be rightly judged. Due to providing marketing stuff we can boost project’s significantly and introduce your brand with: investors, depositors and strong partners. You will be known not by 100 people, but by 1.000.000 and that’s the secret between weak brands and strong companies.

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