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Cosmos Breakdown 👽

Hello, Cryptopreneurs!

Today we’ll be breaking down an extremely desired topic for you: an overview of marketing in hyped projects.

You may know that at least 50% of success in every crypto/NFT/DEFI/metaverse project is up to the marketing performance

Do they know how to launch campaigns and bring exciting results?
What kind of funnel are they planning to use?

We’ve picked the Cosmos project and their token, ATOM, to show a firm example of the kind of marketing they drove to get there. Where? Ohh, they have a pretty famous brand and token price for now ($11.8 as of August 14th, 2022, with a;-time high of $44.05).

Good enough example, right? We agree!

So, let’s decompose their marketing strategy a bit deeper to understand what made them tick!


Everything starts from the website, where you can get all the basic and overall info about the project (literally from the company’s mouth 🤣). The landing page is a pretty important side of every project, especially if you want to check how the successful guys think.

Are they building long-term, or wanna get rich and exit the market? Please, welcome to the website!

So, what do we have in this case?

Amazing first screen. Check out how the company's first impression is something futuristic- precisely what the blockchain idea brings to us. Things will be decentralized - they said, and Cosmos will build their website with all this hype around ideas in the space.
Every Website should answer these questions on the first screen;

  • Where am I?
  • Why should I learn it deeper?
  • What does it give to me?

Listen, I’ve spent about 5 minutes feeling this idea deeper. Circles behind the scene (planets, with actual logos of the most iconic cryptocurrencies) show that it’s an ecosystem of decentralized atoms, which give us “The internet of Blockchains.”

I do apologize for taking quite long about just the first screen; I needed you to understand why the importance from the marketing perspective of building such a stunning UI/UX design for the whole page.

If you look deeper, you’ll see how the page says they present us with a new concept of the future with an ecosystem of things that have decentralized.

Take our 10/10 from Cryptorsy’s scale!

Trust. Trust. And Trust again.  That’s it!!! They presented what they have now and a simple way to check it; just following the buttons gets you all the essential info about these numbers and proof of their product-first strategy.

When guys prove words you can observe on their website, will you trust them to become a bad idea? No way! Then, after they’ve made some impressions on you, the level of trust is enough to go deeper.

The next is to show you the whole ecosystem: what kind of apps does the cosmos hub include? How can you use the tokens (ATOM) inside this ecosystem? Who are the big sharks in the game using their software?

The impression is good enough.

You can also kinda see ups and downs (like Disneyland, the guys speak with the marketing on “you”), so they want to make the impression stronger. What exciting thing may you know to get more respect for COSMOS? Sure, they’re eco-builders. We appreciate our environment, so for sure, we’re working with proof-of-stake without any tech/energy issues. Clearly 👍

Upfront presentation of the product’s power right in front of you. From your side, as a retail investor or someone who wants to build their product under COSMOS soft. You see, it’s where all hub and academy will be behind you with LOWEST FEES and FASTEST TRANSACTIONS (Just some simple choices that, again, aren’t empty words; you can check it out).

And if you got all the benefits but didn’t understand how to use these takeaways, the guys can help you make decisions. They reflect the ideas you, as a Cryptopreneur, have in your mind and give some call to action. It’s a winning strategy!

And Real Value? How can a token grow without a value behind it?

That’s a good one! I don’t know 🤣

So, the guys from COSMOS have decided to show you a real advantage and technology they stay behind (Cryptopreneurs). On the opposite side, retail investors and guys like smallholders can be confident that the token’s price will grow because of the brilliant decisions guys from cosmos made and 99,9% assurance that it’s here to stay for a long time. Like web2 that still handles most of our lives 😄 (fire this).

Are we still scrolling the page without any decision? Ohh, we can help you once again. Just focus on the headlines; everything is firm and provocative enough to push anyone to join the COSMOS ecosystem! Everybody can leave the ecosystem with benefits every time. And it’s an incredible idea.

Free platforms to stay in touch with the house. This one is perfect for those who want to remain updated about current situations spinning around the COSMOS ecosystem. Community, if you will- but let’s talk community's questions a bit later, yeah?

Keep in your mind: Only way you can target absolutely everybody is if you’re an ecosystem and HUB because the place under the umbrella is accessible for absolutely everybody; developers, token holders, or anyone else. Just join the COSMOS product lineage, and everything probably will be good for you. We will check it a bit later when we will research their products. Because, as my experience told me, very often, the product is significantly worse than the info about it on the website.

Keep updated by leaving your e-mail for us. The #1 priority action for this website is to bring in real-time new users, but if nothing makes that work, let’s at least have the least e-mail addresses. This helps pre-warm the audience with potential info and triggers that could convert them into real users later. So, remember; to give your audience a choice through the website. If the aggressive push strategy doesn’t work for some, ensure an easier way for them to keep track of you.

So, my short overview of the website was probably left on the website package/marketing questions, about 8/10 up to the Cryptorsy’s scale. For me, there aren’t enough living elements; people (team) compared to other projects and road map. As guys with $72B digital assets under management, they may think we don’t care about such. Then again - marketing is a complex question, and being a leader doesn’t mean some must-have tools should be ignored.

Let’s research community questions to see if we can get some info about the project's core team.

Ohh.. I hope you don’t still think that marketing is only a website and advertising. Listen, marketing is about building a perfect perception.


Let’s start with Twitter, a.k.a., the most crypto-native social network. What do we have there on the COSMOS network account?

What the heck for such deep researchers like me?

Though the Twitter account’s registration is dated June 2008, the real cosmos work began in 2008 and was co-founded by Ethan Buchman and Jae Kwon.

Hmm…I don’t like cases where you can get in the mind trap about projects (perhaps they lied or something?).

Dear Cryptopreneur, please, take seriously EVERY FACT you put on the internet because your PERFECT marketing game could be ruined by one silly mistake.

But let’s go further.

We have a Twitter account with 460K followers, which is quite interesting since their pinned post for four days got only 379 likes. That’s less than 0,0008% of all audience! I wonder the kind of engagement they used there because it’s impressive how that turns around their Twitter account.

Unpinned posts since the 10th of August (the same duration) have even less, 0,00007%, which is a bit strange. Let’s check out the messages they’re trying to deliver through that “curious” posting.
By the way, I immensely respect their efforts in reposting information from huge Twitter accounts about COSMOS activities. It’s a proper social evidence raising. Nothing could be blind from that perspective because it’s so deep under the reader’s skin when you build a game around what other guys said about you.

But, listen, why not build some gamification with funny comments about some tweets? Or even reward the community when their engagements push COSMOS to the moon with their token price? Huh… Curious.

Imagine a boxer with powerful muscles and 20 years of experience behind him, plus a couple of titles in different weight classes. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? And when he fights with giant sharks, he refuses to wear a boxing burl. How does that strengthen his performance? COSMOS NETWORK reminds me of such because it could multiply many times with a list of small things added to their complex marketing strategy. But, regardless of their perfect product, they don’t even focus on the small stuff.

As I always mentioned, you must educate your audience, so they’ll buy your product because you help them enter the space or get something important.

Here’s COSMOS on the incredible level with all of their “hub’s” power. Their guys are providing an event, “HACKATOM,” where a lot of valuable speakers bring the leading information to the listeners of the conference. Then, the listeners can have several extra touches with COSMOS and get a new network through these conferences.

A perfect deal, isn’t it? You kill two rabbits with one shot.

I like this excellent branding work the founders are building in COSMOS. Nobody could even think that this product can be beaten by anyone else in the space because it’s far from the nearest competitors in the industry (but who knows what we can get later through this significant breakdown of the COSMOS network).

What about their Telegram?

Less audience compared to Twitter 23X times. That says Twitter is probably a bit loaded with bots and a dirty audience, while the telegram community is pretty alive.

Then, we have a brilliant audience engagement through important announcements with Interchain Security Pre-Release. But listen again, why does this pinned post only have 16 reactions from the 20K community?

There’s less communication here than in NFT, Metaverse communities because the product is pretty hard to describe to make it enticing enough to talk about. So, stop thinking about a lifeless community or something dirty. Many guys are just waiting to be updated about news from the core team and stay educated by the content hub. It will be better to add some chat activities to the launch:

  • discussions
  • reactions
  • shares (virality)

Remember four keys that keep a great community engaging?

  1. Studies: Case studies, overviews, silver, platinum. And other things in this field.
  2. Access: To the leaders, your test-nets, or another type of close/hide activities that’s not for everybody, but only for dedicated community members.
  3. Power: What kind of power are you willing to give your community? Perhaps some extra information? Or maybe they’ll have a proper environment of growth to be future Elon Musk?
  4. Stuff: Clothes, hoodies, key chains, face caps, and other branded tools make the community feel good about participating in the project.

But in the COSMOS community, I’ve seen only access and studies; it seems there are more points for growth.

Do you feel that we’re closer and closer to the thought that “the good web3 product pushes itself by word of mouth”? But there is a marketing game behind this pushing because you must launch this process. Moreover, without a good product, even the maddest marketing in the game won’t save you 🥲

I find the chat activity exciting. Excited, and COSMOS guys accounts probably launched it. But if an objective 3rd party person in the community shares such unique 3rd party content again, THAT'S AN INCREDIBLE SIGNAL has driven by community activity. And it’s the top indicator of brands in crypto.

Let’s be honest, guys… COSMOS has made incredible visual packaging, and if you’re just looking at them for the first time, you’ll feel the work and power behind the project. It’s also essential to market every part of a project as well. Marketing can be great, but without visuals, it can’t convert into the cared stuff  (“I’ll no way join this shit”).

However, we’re here to prove the system works in terms of the community-driven character of the brand. Their discord is a brilliant place to communicate with many alive members who put their heads down in the project and are curious about everything COSMOS touches. And remember that being one touch forward is critical to winning in the crypto market.

Also, to make the final steps in the community building, they’ve created their library, named COSMOS HUB FORUM. There, you’ll find absolutely everything related to the blockchain and cosmos ecosystem. This is one of the most powerful ways to educate your audience- like a free academy for them, powered by COSMOS. I’m excited about this content marketing, as it gives the COSMOS squad that geometric progression.

The most challenging blog in the space delivered the idea of a marketing hub story from the COSMOS side- a bunch of practical and powerful content. These blog activities can probably be more frequent than twice a month. But the level of content the guys are bringing is quite stunning.

Cryptopreneur will always tell you… content-marketing is the primary tool in the whole space because we live in the web3 era. And you have to ensure virality, sharings, decentralized database, bullets, events participation, and word of mouth. This could only be possible once you’ve launched your crypto content marketing work.

Remember the word USER GENERATED content? This is your North star metric in the web3. Just provoke and reward your community for generating this content, and watch it work to your empowerment.

From the community perspective, we can leave 8/10 points on Cryptorsy’s scale. Some things should, and I think, be improved in the future. For instance, any rewards, competitions, game mechanics, and activating word of mouth don’t just use the wow effect from the product side but also from taking part in the different role activities. This will give you an extra fresh audience plus many other crypto marketing tips.


Hmm. I think it’s time to talk about the COSMOS product, as something tells me it’s the most powerful side of this project. Let’s get deeper.

So, we have a super easy-to-start guide with four steps (I love the simplicity the guys deliver to the audience; even my grandma, who just learned to take selfies, can probably get ATOM and work this ecosystem 😂.

It’s the same good feeling when you’re making the first touch with product areas of COSMOS. Everything under the ecosystem is in place. It is super understandable and easy to connect your product to their blockchain system or build your blockchains (it’s glad to know the people bringing this super-smart technology to our decentralized world).

It’s even better to get handshakes between ledgers and know it through a super decomposed way. Free to scale open codes about acknowledging all in its beauty, plus firm product stuff in the COSMOS network.

Respect and applaud! Worth it 100%!!

And such amazing graphics describe why the guys from COSMOS are great at their jobs. 👇

Even in the account, while discussing building your blockchain, you have a fantastic platform where everything is gotten. It’s also a faster, more scalable, and more functional than ever ta-ta-ta blockchain ecosystem that COSMOS has built.

So, a firm 10/10 by the Cryptorsy’s scale for the product side of COSMOS. I haven’t found any issues or problems with their tech, even on the internet horizon, meaning the product REMAINS one of the best on the market.

And that’s saying a lot, considering the crypto marketing advice #331, product-first strategy always pays off, when it comes to launching it by performance web3 marketing side.

Incredible! It makes me more curious about who their team is!


I got an immutable picture of the Founders of COSMOS, guys who know what they’re doing. The photos below also say much about an exciting sense of humor. 😀 But let’s go back to the stuff.

  1. Jae Kwon was the first person who applied Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) research in a "Proof of Stake" (PoS) public blockchain context and went on to found Tendermint Inc (All in Bits Inc)
  2. Tendermint BFT is the most advanced implementation of the BFT consensus algorithm and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) crypto-economics. The project was launched to address the speed, scalability, and environmental issues associated with Bitcoin and Ethereum’s "Proof of Work" (PoW)

Undoubtedly, Jae remains one of the toughest guys in the industry. 😅

The most exciting stuff is COSMOS has no external help from its founders’ side in getting traffic. Jae Kwon and Ethan Buchman had no traffic on their brand pages.

Do you know what this means concerning their marketing? It means these guys appeared at the right time with the proper thought pointed towards the right network synergy!

Other core team members are pretty hard to get, but I’ve researched a bit and got wind that COSMOS only shows their C&Os team, without any guys under that vertical. A strange decision if you ask me, but the strategy is probably about raising a company without the public gain of their TOPS entirely in charge of the project. You can’t be taken to prison if you’ll use a bit of your power… 🙈

Fun fact about project #344

The ICF raised $16.8M for the funding of the Cosmos Network in 30 minutes. It’s cited as one of the most successful blockchain-based fundraising events in history.

There are probably firm guys in the developing side behind this project, and we can believe that without that gamechanger’s squad, this crypto project couldn’t have even been marketed.
Here’s without any scales, if you know what I mean 🙃


They have, I’m guessing, more than 400K visitors on the website, and 1/2 of that score through socials. But I’ve never noticed any re-marketing and more profound work with an audience that came through the website (didn’t leave an e-mail and didn’t join the ecosystem). It could be huge numbers that COSMOS could re-involve to make the highest level of conversion rate through long-term touches with visitors. And here comes proof. Take a look at the score 👇

And even imagine the potential numbers they can make from using YouTube re-campaigns with setting on the touches.

Displaying re-marketing ads will give iconic results in the space. But, it seems that these guys have more important things to focus on 🤔

A lot of direct and referral traffic again showed that the product is a vast source that brings most results to the

Guess what? Do you want to get the milestone?

Here is the COSMOS’ YouTube Channel; A stunning joker in the pocket!

The audience isn’t huge, but the content they publish is relatively close to getting closer to the community. I think the YouTube channel is one of the top things that deliver full transparency, and it’s quite an essential part of the web3 brand building.

Just look at the topics the COSMOS team provides on the channel, from podcasts to the AMA, from LIVE to the team calls, highlights from the events, community-based content, and more.
So, remember that this generated content became a real gamechanger and got COSMOS on the TOP3 blockchains in the world and ATOM in 27th place to CMC.

These activities strongly impact the token’s price, as I mentioned. Did you get the thought about the power of marketing in crypto projects yet? If yes, then take these graphics with the volume of investments in the ATOM below; 👇

After bearish came, all crypto values fell and most projects burned from the market. But COSMOS’ drops were more sustainable than others if we analyze the token’s price in the volatile crypto world. Hard times birth vital projects, remember? So, their marketing played a significant role in the whole situation and will undoubtedly play an essential role in the future.

But we’re going forward.

Did you observe some crypto projects that could make tokens as much as they want? When is supply unlimited? Yes, we too, and outcomes for the holders are bad enough, so what do we see here about ATOM?

The specific numbers and everything are already turning around. 292.59M ATOM Circ. Supply from 292.59M Total Supply. It’s good news because we know that if something is limited when the market wants to pick you up on the ship, the price will rise. Moreover, when a powerful blockchain system stays behind the tokens, it provides value to the market. And for the marketing game, that’s a perfect point.

Once again, you feel confident when somebody strong (such as Founders Jae Know and Buchman) are behind the scene of your project. So, it’s very reasonable to check which VCs are behind COSMO's back. Paradigm, 1confirmation, IOSG Ventures- these are are big guys in the blockchain ocean, so dirty guys won’t stay here!

COSMOS is good enough at attracting such huge funders. Oh, and don’t forget to check out how much multiples in %ROI they got- up to the 472X in USD! So, taking part in the seed round is always a good idea when it comes to such good ecosystems like COSMOS 👌🏻

A couple of  TOP followers also can’t be missed because they reflect the quality of the audience. Here, we also have a couple of big sharks, and that’s good. But something tells me that we’ll be witnessing incredible growth in COSMOS in the nearest future. If they use more crypto marketing tactics, they can become the new BITCOIN and an iconic Rock Star in the crypto market.

If you’re reading me, please don’t put it in the black box because you just have an incredible product. But it doesn’t mean you haven’t used something leading in the marketing strategy to get more.

Let’s figure out influencers and traffic. It seems like COSMOS is good at using influencers and ambassadors, which is enormous stuff right over there. They understand that influencers are a good booster of widening their ecosystem but also went further by converting them into ambassadors. Several promoters are mentioned almost daily in their ecosystem, which works much better than just one shill post through the Twitter space.

Black Belt of the collecting army of influencers behind the

A lot of super-intelligent airdrops always give some scores to the COSMOS.
Without this understanding, your crypto marketing will never be robust, so keep that in mind.

As you noted, everything in crypto turns around trust. So the simple way of checking founders up to their motives and long-term mindset is to get information about how many holders of tokens exist. We can see  39,876 addresses in the ecosystem, meaning if the founders ever muster the thought of selling  (hello, Luna crash 🤣), this action won’t burn the project to zero. I love these numbers because it’s so value-oriented with minimal risk in the system.

The marketing game is spectacular right here. Pay attention…

These guys also decided to get more traffic by using banners like these through the display ads, and that’s an intelligent choice of scaling the market and pushing brand awareness.
Great deal!

Do you remember my advice about launching a referral program and its importance in the crypto space? I hope so.

You have to perfect draw in this referral and provide firm terms to get benefits on three ends by launching  your benefits (crypto brand), your users' benefits, and potential users from referral.

Cosmos made an excellent work, where results PAID OFF, which is fascinating.
And the word of mouth that this referral program got was incredible because tons of new and fresh audiences went to the COSMOS ecosystem.

You get 50% of Everstake commission if your friend stakes something (they have to buy tokens and stake them already, which is remarkable for the crypto brand). A clear win-win strategy we can see right over here, plus a promo of this referral, and count your money, bro 🤣

It cost me everything, but I found their RoadMap for the 2022 and January 2023 years (don’t make it as they put it on your website for the first intro page). And once you look, you can feel this strong power of announcements, which is so tight (new announcements and big deals notifications every month). It helps keep your brand on the market, and people lovely speak about these events without significant pauses- just step-by-step growth hacking by activities from the brand’s side.


We can now understand why cosmos. network with their $ATOM is such a great player on the market. We’ve discussed how they built their marketing strategy and implemented separate marketing tools/hacks/tips. Many points need to be improved, but the overall marketing of the whole brand is incredible. They’re using complex ways to get success in the web3 era and pushing their ecosystem… Crazy, you guys!

I hope it was helpful for you, and let’s be honest, if you use just 20% of this breakdown in your strategy, who knows, maybe one day you’ll become player #1 and the new Rock Star on the market. I will be looking to get your company here so we can put our heads down in building a perfect brand!

Finally, the gets 9/10 from Cryptorsy’s scale. And well-deserved, if you ask us.

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See y’all at the top ⭐