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How to strengthen your own marketing?

🫡How to strengthen your own marketing?

🧐Did you know that any strong marketing strategy, especially in web3.0, is based on a really powerful ability to shout loudly about your product? On the other hand, why slow down growth?

And that's where the ability to create buzz around projects comes in. Look, every RockStar in the cryptocurrency/DeFi/NFT space really shows a masterpiece of the proper use of hype. But after every round of hype, we see so many projects fail because of a weak marketing strategy.

❤️‍🔥We call Rockstar really Rockstar when a brand can be on a hype wave in the long run, and being able to create that long wave is a really powerful thing. You seem to have one simple question: How?

We have a strong and complex answer, but we don't have enough space to share all the tools with you. So, in a nutshell, you need to know about: audience warm-up, pre-launch stages, and the main project launch. There's a simple 1-3-7 formula. And we'll share it in the following touches.

So, stay tuned. Kryptorsey wishes you increased capitalization and tons of fans!