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😄Does meme marketing make sense?

😄Does meme marketing make sense?

Nowadays everywhere we can see technical and deep contant that force us brain work in hard state. But during the crypto market increase, there are a lot of content funnels that bring us only simple content, like memes, because of emotional influence on brain, laugh make us remember brands. So let’s find out how crypto memes marketing works!

So where does it all fit in the marketing? Using memes in marketing could make your messages way more memorable, shareable, and sometimes, viral.

The idea of businesses using memes has gained attention in recent years, and many have already tried it – and seen massive success – in various industries. The blockchain is a prime example of this – memes in the blockchain space can even serve as a source for new currency or rising coin prices.

There are over a hundred other meme coins – cryptocurrencies that arose from famous internet memes. Together with “serious” crypto coins like Bitcoin, they serve as an endless source of crypto memes.

Finally, to answer the question: “ Does meme marketing make sense?” – Yes, definitely.

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