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How to get funding for your blockchain project? 💸

So you have blockchain project. Now how to get funding?💸

This is one of the main and most important questions. Your task is to make sure that not only you and your team believe in the uniqueness of your product, but also investors do!

But how?

The crypto industry and blockchain technology are developing every day. Thousands of new projects are entering the market. To start standing out among them, you need to have a clear concept and attract investors.

That’s where you’ll need the professional crypto-marketing team.

🚀Cryptorsy has it’s own strategy. Let’s go through some important tips!


The idea is in connecting with people online and soliciting them to help raise money for your cause. You may use platforms like Patreon, GoFund me (there are much more)


Also a great source for getting funds, but in smaller amounts. Here you need to understand that these type of investors pay close attention to the product’s core team and potential ROI %. Where to find them — that’s another story.


The key is to show high growth potential. Of course, they will probably expect an equity stake in return. This option is one of the most sought for crypto projects nowadays. Here you are, some of them to consider: Binance Labs, Coinbase ventures.


These are the placements that help web3 projects launch their products. Use them to raise project’s liquidity. One more tip: offer the investors to pool their funds into your project at a discount price!


One of the most interesting, yet challenging ways! Simply because it requires…communication and networking skills. But if you succeed, it’s even hard to predict the result you’ll get. You may the funding paperwork signed off right away! Mention events like Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit, European Blockchain Convention or MetaWeek Dubai.

🪙Of course, there are some more steps to get as much funds as you can. Actually, Cryptorsy even has it’s own 9-steps strategy! But what’s the point of recovering ALL the secrets?😉

Stay tuned!